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Shot Guinea strongman Camara ‘flies to Morocco’ December 4, 2009

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military leader Capt Moussa Dadis Camara has been flown to Morocco for
medical treatment after being shot by an aide on Thursday, officials
say. They had earlier said that Capt Camara had only been lightly
wounded in the attack and was in “good health”. Separate reports say
the international airport in the capital Conakry has been surrounded by
presidential guards. The whereabouts of Aboubacar “Toumba” Diakite, the
officer allegedly behind the attack, is unclear. Officials had said he
had been arrested after the shooting but reports on Friday say
road-blocks have been set up in Conakry by security forces trying to
find him. Analysts say the shooting highlights deep rifts within the
junta after the killing of an estimated 157 opposition supporters in
September. BBC West Africa correspondent Caspar Leighton says the
presence of the United Nation investigation team in Conakry this week
has heightened concerns among some parts of the military that they may
be singled out by the government to take the blame for the attack. Lt
Diakite has been accused by witnesses and human rights groups of
commanding the troops who carried out the massacre. Several women have
reported being gang-raped by soldiers.

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Capt Camara has not been seen in public or appeared on national TV or radio since the shooting.
A Senegalese medical team flew to Guinea to treat him on Thursday night.
Communications Minister Idrissa Cherif told Reuters news agency that Capt Camara had gone to Morocco for a check-up.



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