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Compassion with Fear November 30, 2009

Filed under: Society/Societe — kikenileda @ 12:09 PM

3.Street children billboard

Except you have a heart of stone, the sight of beggars on our streets
pricks compassion. Who knows, fate has its twists and turns; and who
says you cannot be in the shoes of a beggar?

But when we learn of begging street children snatching bags
and assaulting peaceful citizens with knives (especially in Douala),
compassion is transformed into anger and fear. You may still be kind
hearted, but, for how long when you learn that the widow’s mite you
give is spent by these children in procuring marijuana (or call it

That’s not all. How many of us will continue to be free givers
when (as the rumour machine has it), what you give may be used for
occult practices. The consequences are anybody’s guess for you the
donor. We are confused as we find ourselves between compassion and


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