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«Ancienne Route» Bonaberi : Brighter Days Ahead November 21, 2009

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Rehabilitation work on the road that was halted because of the rains has resumed.

The Bonaberi old road was formerly an eye sore in Douala. When the
rehabilitation process began on it, the population in the neighbourhood
heaved a sigh of relief. The work started with gutters built, some
covered and others still to be covered. Then the tar was scrapped off
and the road graded. It has been at this level for a very long time

Circulation has been unbearable. Cars struggle on the road because it
is too slippery with the continuous rainfall and potholes are found
even at the centre of the road. When it does not rain the road is

The contract to rehabilitate the road has been awarded to a
construction company, Satom and controlled by another called EGIS. The
engineer, Eric Le Maguet has assured inhabitants that all is well as
far as the road is concerned. He told CT that they had already done
some work before being hindered by the rainy season. He said they had
cleaned up and enlarged the road. The engineer said by December they
will open up one kilometre of the road to allow for easy circulation of
people and vehicles. He added that the main delay which is for two
weeks is the Besseke area some 700 metres long which is below sea
level. He said when it rains; the water level rises and affects the
Besseke area. It is for this reason, he said, that the project is to be
done more carefully. He said they have to wait for the dry season to
complete the work.


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