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Cameroon police jobs ‘pressure’ November 17, 2009

Filed under: Society/Societe — kikenileda @ 12:11 PM

Cameroon’s security chief has said some 3,000 people hoping to get jobs in the police force have asked him for preferential treatment. Emmanuel Edou, who has vowed that a recruitment drive launched last year will be fair, said friends, family and colleagues had all asked for favours. More than 100,000 people have applied for 1,600 jobs in the force. Applicants have been waiting for months for the results of entrance exams and some believe the process is corrupt. But Mr Edou, who also serves as a government minister for territorial administration and decentralisation, promised to publish entrance exam results to ensure fairness.

Mr Edou said more than 3,000 people had written to him after taking the entrance exams, asking for help.
“I’m not God, and I don’t know if even God can distribute 1,600 places to 3,000 persons,” he said.
“The solution is I will take the results and publish them. “The 3,000 names I will keep in the office and I will give [them] back the papers [they] gave me.”


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