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Ngousso: Woman Arrested for Killing Baby November 16, 2009

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The inhabitants of Ngousso, in the outskirts of Yaounde, had their
hearts in their hands last weekend. A young woman called Augustine
Ngenuyimg was accused of killing her newborn baby last November 5.
Reports say, Augustine gave birth to her baby boy and later killed him
in her home. Augustine, a widow and mother of three hails from the
North West Region. She told the police that after the death of her
husband she came to Yaounde to look for greener pastures. She then took
up prostitution as a means of earning a living. When she realised that
she was pregnant she contacted one of her boyfriends who according to
her, was responsible for the pregnancy. The boyfriend refused the
responsibility saying that he was not the only person she had. She then
kept the pregnancy till nine months and gave birth to the baby alone in
her room last November 5. After giving birth safely, she dressed up the
bay and then strangled him to death.

Neighbours say after the homicide, Augustine went and informed
neighbours that she had a still birth. This arose suspicion and the
quarter head was contacted. Augustine could not convince the neighbours
of the death of her baby. They took her to the gendarmerie in Ngousso.
The gendarmerie requested the services of a medical doctor who
confirmed the homicide. After serious questioning by the elements of
the gendarmerie, Augustine accepted that she killed her baby. She
confessed that she killed the baby because she had no money to take
care of the baby and the other children. Augustine was however taken to
court last Tuesday and is presently languishing in the Kondengui
Central Prison in Yaounde awaiting trial.


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