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SDF Scribe Condemns Biya’s Frequent Absences September 7, 2009

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The Secretary General of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Dr.
Elizabeth Tamanjong, has condemned the Head of State, President Paul
Biya's frequent absence from the country.
This is contained in a press release issued on 2 September.
to the release, a copy of which Eden procured "we are calling on Mr.
Biya to resign quietly so as to enjoy his life as he wishes since this
has always been his stock in trade."

The release further states that the President had been out of
the country since 15 August 2009 and that he had been in France on an
official visit three weeks earlier where he spent 10 days.

a matter of fact, this confirms the already held beliefs that Mr. Biya
loves his pleasurable trips abroad rather than work for Cameroonians",
the release stated.
The SDF release equally termed the rebuttal from
the proprietor of Hotel L'Hermitage of reports about Biya's lavish
spending, saying that "Cameroonians will not take it lightly since they
have been complaining bitterly about the President's spendthrift
attitude since 1992".
Another reason advanced for the call for the
resignation of the president, according to the release, is that, "Mr.
Biya has repeatedly shown his contempt for Cameroonians where he grants
extensive interviews about Cameroon to foreign journalists, but does
not have the courage to face Cameroonian Journalists in Cameroon, so
they can ask him questions concerning his managerial policies and
issues concerning the country".

Train Disasters
And Privatising of CAMRAIL

SDF Secretary General in the release went ahead to analyse the recent
train accidents in Yaounde that killed 10 and leaving several others
According to the release "the derailments are apparently
caused by the poor state of the rails as the wood used in laying them
is reportedly chopped out, maintenance is seldom done on them and the
working conditions leave much to be desired".

She added that, "In
other words, CAMRAIL has therefore failed in its task of managing the
railway corporation and has therefore proven beyond reasonable doubt
that it cannot manage the Cameroon Railway Corporation. As such the SDF
is calling on the government to rescind the fraudulent and
non-procedural privatisation agreement with CAMRAIL."

scribe also leveled on the firefighters and law enforcement officers
whom reports quote as always late when it is time to act.
release, however, expressed their SDF's profound sympathy to all the
store owners who lost their goods in the Yaounde Central Market and to
the victims of the two train accidents.

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