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Equato-Guinean Provocation: Cameroon Retaliates September 7, 2009

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Paul Biya, Obiang Nguema

and Equatorial Guinea are once again at daggers drawn with the
suspension of flights between both countries over a week now.
belonging to the Air Leasing Airways have not been able to fly to
Equatorial Guinea after the company’s activities were suspended on 17
August by Guinean Authorities for unstated reasons.

As some sort of retaliation, officials of the Cameroon Civil
Aviation Authority, CCAA, decided to suspend all flights from Malabo
and Bata to Cameroon until further notice. The decision issued on 19
August 2209, copy of which Eden procured, took into considerations
appeals by officials of the CCAA for a lifting on the ban on Air
Leasing planes belonging to Cameroon’s business magnate, Yves Michel
Fotso, from flying to Malabo.

Some Sources at the CCAA office
raised security concerns as being responsible for their decision, a
position contested by other officials. The latter has raised a rift
between Guinean officials and a giant Cameroonian financial
institution, the Commercial Bank of Cameroon, CBC. Guinean authorities
had been asked to pay the sum of FCFA 50 billion by the arbitration
court of Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Laws in Africa,
OHADA, after the rights of CBC were violated.

It is reported
that Guinean authorities stopped the CBC from opening one of its
branches in the island country even after it had fulfilled all the
required formalities.

And since the CBC has administrative and
even financial links with Air Leasing, according to our source, Guinean
authorities sought to make it pay the price of the disagreement.

press time, however, some officials at the Air Leasing office in
Bonapriso in Douala said negotiations had been opened to try and put an
end to the stalemate between the Airlines Company and Guinean
The official who elected anonymity said it might be possible for their planes to begin flying to Malabo by 31 August.
at an Equoto-Guinean Airlines company office, CEIBA in Douala,
everything is at a standstill. The Director of the Airlines, Ongene
said the CCAA decision has not been lifted, but could not comment on
the decision taken by his compatriots.

Some travel agencies in
Akwa and Bonanjo which Eden visited simply hoped that authorities of
both countries resolve their differences which are having a toll on
their businesses.
For over a decade, relations between Cameroon
and Equatorial Guinea have not been the best. It is either Cameroonians
are repatriated under inhuman conditions based on flimsy excuses with
their property looted.

The peak of the conflict was on 7
October 2008 when an Equato-Guinean Colonel on exile, Capriono Nguema
Mba was kidnapped by two Cameroonian police officers in Yaoundé and
sent back to his country. Things have never been the same and attempts
at resolving disagreements have only ended up like ‘a patch up affair’.

Eden N.


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