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Traditional Healer To Die By Hanging – Six Others Get Life Sentence September 4, 2009

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While African traditional healers were celebrating the 7th edition
of the African Traditional Medicine Day last Monday 31 August 2009, the
Meme High Court Holden in Kumba, sentenced a traditional healer,
Patrick Mbah Musi, 38, to death by hanging and a family of six was also
sentenced for life with hard labour
The judgment in suit No. HCK/23C/08 was delivered by Justice Emmanuel Mbando Ngoe, President of the Meme High Court II. 
sentenced along with Patrick Mbah Musi include , a widow, Margaret
Asogo, 49, Jonas Ndungakeu, 34, Vincent Ndungakeu Njukang, 39, Aloysius
Asonganyi Njukang, 50, all of Lebialem extraction and a certain Moses
Che Ngunu, 69, of Bafut extraction.

It should be recalled that, sometimes in late 2007, the Ndungakeu
family of Lebialem extraction all residing in Small Ekombe, a village
in Mbonge subdivision were taken aback by the nature of an aliment that
was affecting one of theirs, the daughter of the second accused
Margaret Asogo.
Despite all medical attention given to the little
girl, in order for her to regain her health, every effort proved futile
and the entire family started suspecting witchcraft and pointed
accusing fingers at each other.  It was at this juncture that one of
the family members suggested that they should seek the assistance of a
witchdoctor for him to give an answer to the mysterious ailment.

Small Ekombe, therefore, the witchdoctor rallied all the Ndungakeu
family members and demanded a duck which he prepared with some
concoction.  The witchdoctor then proceeded to warn them that anybody
who is behind the mysterious illness of the little girl will die
instantly after eating a piece of the duck. The family members are said
to have eaten the duck, and two people drop death.
The attention of the villagers and on lookers was drawn and they immediately alerted the forces of Law and Order. 

witchdoctor and six others were immediately arrested while the Kumba
legal department ordered for an autopsy to be conducted. 
postmortem report revealed that, the duck they ate contained some
poisonous substance.  It is from here that, the accused had a case to
answer.  The prosecution was conducted by Magistrate Charles Mbiatem
Oben, while Barrister Nicolas Fonkem headed a battery of Lawyers for
the defence. 

When the prosecutor proved beyond doubt that the
seven accused were guilty of the offence of murder as per section 276
of the Penal code, 
The defence lawyer, Barrister Alfred Forba, in
his allocutus, urged the court to temper justice with mercy as they
were first offenders and taking into consideration their respective

With all these, the learned presiding Judge went ahead
and delivered his judgment.  Though the traditional doctor was
sentenced to death by hanging, reports hold that he is at large having
escaped while awaiting trial long before the judgment was passed.

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