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Biyas Alleged Profligation In France – Tchiroma Says It’s Giving A Dog A Bad Name… September 4, 2009

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In a press briefing at his cabinet yesterday, the
government spokesperson accentuated on the fact that the media reports
were another intoxication geared at dragging the image of the Head of
State into disrepute.

Issa Tchiroma deplored the anti-Biya
campaign that has continued to deepen day by the day by those he
described as perpetuators of doom.

The minister said there was no need for Biya’s detractors to sound
his death knell when there was clear evidence that he still has much up
his sleeves to deliver.

“President Paul Biya as you know is a
refined man with a clear vision, discrete with a sense of purpose. So
there is no need trying to give a dog a bad name and hang it”, Tchiroma

In a press release issued after the conference, the
minister recalled that on 28 August, some French media organs including
France Inter, Radio Fidelite Nantes, West France, and a cyber news
organ published a series of articles about the private visit of the
presidential couple in France. The articles said President Paul Biya
and wife as well as the 50-man delegation that accompanied them were
all lodged at Hotel L’Hermitage, a five star hotel near a sea side town
La Baule in France since 15 August 2009.

The report says Paul Biya and his delegation have occupied 43 rooms at a price of 42.000 euros (about FCFA 27 million) per day.
Minister, however, brandished a letter by authorities of Hotel
L’Hermitage to the various French media organs disclaiming their
reports and requesting for the publication of a rejoinder.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary

Issa Tchiroma Bakary: Minister Of Communication

their rejoinder the hotel management categorically refused having
disclosed any information to anyone about the spending of their
customers. The reports, they said, tarnished the reputation of their
internationally recognised image.
The outburst by Communication
Minister, it should be recalled, comes after that of the assistant CPDM
Secretary General, Gregoire Owona, who in a release qualified the
publications flaunted in yahoo website as clear manipulation to lure
the Cameroonian people into a standoff against their president.
He said it was share jealousy, calling on the President of the Republic not to allow himself distracted by such reports.

report by French media on Biya’s expenditure spree in France, it should
be recalled, followed that by a French Catholic NGO last month about
his illegally gotten wealth and personal possessions abroad.
The report alleged that Cameroon’s president was excessively rich with a chain of foreign investments and private estates.


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