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The Operating Room at the Bota Annex Hospital in Cameroon (Please leave Comments) September 1, 2009

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The Fomukong Health Foundation is a Los Angeles, California (U.S.A.) based non-profit non-governmental organization engaging in humanitarian development and aid in sub Sahara Africa, underdeveloped, and developing countries.
We would greatly appreciate your comments on this video.


23 Responses to “The Operating Room at the Bota Annex Hospital in Cameroon (Please leave Comments)”

  1. olivier Says:

    Use such documentaries to talk about the country. Not blame the owners and telling them to shut it down. Do you have any better to offer them? Did you leave any money with them to help them out? Did you use your documentary in the west to help send back abandoned equipment due to recent upgrades, back to Africa? Have you ever given money to charity? If your answer to any of this is NO, then SHUT UP!! your mouth. That`s what they have and that`s what works for them now.

  2. franceska Says:

    when i look at such stuff its really disgusting. i cant imagine humans are operated upon in this so called theatre.
    ou va notre pays. I am sick just by watching this nonesense

  3. eva Says:

    They probably used the sent money to do something else: Drinking, women, funerals and big cars.

  4. It’s so sickening seeing that we’re in an era of modernisation,research and development but we are instead retrograding…so sad.But it’s also time to look into our hearts and question our consciences.I believe if all of us anglophones alone and especially LIMBE PEOPLE coulld come together and offer just €10 each for this cause,we’ll give a great hand to our folks back home.
    It’s easy to criticise,it’s now time for ACTION!!!

  5. IJ Says:

    This just a plain messs. Stop laughing and be serious. Africans should stand up and use the money we have for Healthcare and Education.

  6. sergio Says:

    In the majority of hospital in cameroon , it’s like that Cameroon o bosso

  7. loulou Says:

    send reliefs brothers and sisters who are living in the developping countries

  8. peter Says:

    this is what people have been having for the past 20years in cameroon,since Biya came to power,but my problem is not Biya,we have had the opportunity to have two anglophones prime ministers in the last years,if our own south westerners don’t see in to the the Bota clinic,who else should come to help us?please once again,don’t put the blame on Biya,he has his servants who have to see issues like that.the Limbe mayor is there,he can use the budget of the council to do some important work in Limbe,if we want to do something,let us try and do contribution even if it means 50euros per person,l know that we can help the situation.l will be visiting Limbe in December,and if we put our hands togther,we can help the siuation.God bless cameroon,and all of you in this group.

  9. Ama Says:

    Cameroon o boso

  10. Mapio Says:

    disgrase to cameroon.when our leaders are lavishing money in hotel in france for over two weeks

  11. Kerian Kang Says:

    What have we as Cameroonians out of the country done? We should stop blaming the system because we are all involved.

  12. Camnogo Says:

    Well Che, i think the guy is part of the charitable foundation The Fomukong Health Foundation which helps in situations like this. I would suggest visiting their website for more info http://www.fomukonghealthfoundation.org

  13. Che Fru Says:

    Another sad story from Cameroon. It’s amazing how out of touch the leaders are from the “people” who elected them. This is a strong call to bring change to Cameroon. If that change can’t come from within, then let’s get it from without. How can the President and his whole cabinet be spending so much money out of the country when our health institutions (and other institutions) are so dilapidated? This truely is shameful for him and those who try to keep the status quo. Why would anyone in their right state of mind attempt to keep these guys in power? Yes, even if that person were in the military?
    I understand the doctors are managing with what they have, but they too have a responsibility of making a room of that clinical importance more admitable. These are my two cents. please let me know how I may help.

  14. Noah Says:

    Great video. This is a good picture of reality. However, I really do not appreciate the way many of us cameroonians who come abroad, then go back home approach problems. Its true people should not be operated upon in such conditions, but saying “shut this place down” is just wrong. Whoever made this video, if you want to be part of the solution, try to identify where the problem is and go there. I mean, think about the lives that have been saved here with no resources. It is easier if we make this facility better than just saying “shut this down” when we know this is helping people. Again, lets try looking for the roots of problems back home and approach the problems from at that level.

  15. Lucien Says:

    this is what i call misplaced priority, all our leaders know is how to go and spend money on vacations. we have to really pray for our country and hope things get better with our leaders, so they do the right things. this is so heart aching

  16. David D Says:

    As a medical student I understand the where the commentator is coming from. But given the circumstances, against all medical ethics which i have learned thus far, I have to say keeping it in operation is the best of two evils.

  17. Wakaman Says:

    This is not good, but the commentator’s idea to shut it down is wrong advice. Because, lives can still be saved using this facility, that is all the Dr have..

  18. Ebeny Amstrong Says:

    Tradition as Power – Yet another interesting Video from the Album
    ‘Baninghe’ by: Ebeny Amstrong.
    Click below & Watch..

    Please let me have your comments.
    Best Regards

  19. eunice Says:

    mamami e massa wey e piss for bed!!!! chai papa God ohhhhhhhh!!!!

  20. Pastor Says:

    Na only prayer! Only prayer, because Cameroon don sour!!

  21. Helen Says:

    I just don’t know what to say.

  22. Jude Says:

    It’s sad but honestly, half bread is better than none. I want to agree with the commentator that it should be shut down, but then again, like the doctor said, they are surviving! Weh eh Cameroon.

  23. Camnogo Says:

    WANDAFUTTTTTTTTTTT!! This is our operating room!!! And Popo spends a million euros per week for his vacation. Impossible n’est pas Cameroonaise!

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