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Black Weekend For Rail Travelers – 10 Dead, Hundreds Injured August 31, 2009

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Two horrific train accidents occurred in Yaounde over the weekend, leaving ten people dead and hundreds wounded.

first of the accidents took place at Obogobo neighbourhood after a
train carrying patrol with 15 wagons derailed, causing four of the fuel
carrying wagons belonging to Societé Camerounais de Depot Petrolier,
SCDP, to explode, sparking a conflagration.

The considerable
amount of patrol that spilled from the wrecked tankers and the huge
fire that ensued did not spare the neighbouring houses around the scene

Burning Petrol-Carrying Train Wagon

of the accident.

Even the firefighting brigade with an adept at
extinguishing fire from such disasters had difficulties approaching the
scene of the accident.

They were not only repelled by the excruciating heat from the huge
flames but also the abhorrent stench from the burning fuel. The
consequences of the accident were far-reaching with over four houses
caught in the flames and over ten cars in a nearby garage burnt. Five
persons suffered severe burns and a fracture and were rushed to the

Alerted, the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, dispatched
some members of government to the scene. These included the Minster of
Defense Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo’o, Minister of Water and Energy, Nganko
Tomdio, Minister of Public Health who happened to be living in the area
of the accident, Andre Mama Fouda, the Secretary of State for the
Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam, and the Secretary of State for
Transport, Mifere Oumarou.

if to exacerbate matters, another cargo and passenger train from
Ngaoundere derailed in the early hours of Saturday at the Arbatoire
neighborhood causing the last two wagons with hundreds of passengers to
capsize several times down the hill near Brasseries, killing 10 persons
and seriously wounding hundreds of others.
The trains have been wrecked beyond repairs.

Minister, Philomon Yang rushed to the scene immediately after getting
the information. He announced that a crisis committee has been put in
place to look into the causes of the accidents.
Onboard the derailed train was the Board Chairman the railway company, Camrail.

According to the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma, government was still investigating into actual cause of the accident.
Eyewitness accounts, however, say the derailment that led to the two fatal accidents was caused by some detached rails.
local population on the scene accused the Railway Company, Camrail, of
negligence and abandonment of the rail line that has for several years
not undergone any repairs.

To most of the railway passengers, the rail transport system in Cameroon is a nightmare.
have to queue up for hours to obtain a ticket, the services rendered by
the railway company is just ridiculous, with passengers squeezed into
seat-less wagons like logs of wood”, lamented one of the survivors.
government, according to the Minister of Communication, was taking the
necessary measures to ensure that all the accident victims were taken
care off in the different hospitals they have been transferred to.

Over 20 Stalls burnt in Central Market
9 pm on that same day of the train incident at Obogobo, over 20 stalls
at the Central Market in Yaounde got burnt. Though no human casualty
was recorded, victims estimate loss of material worth millions of FCFA.
Investigations have been opened to diagnose the cause of the fire.


2 Responses to “Black Weekend For Rail Travelers – 10 Dead, Hundreds Injured”

  1. Camnogo Says:

    All this while Biya is busy making appearances in Europe. Honestly, Popo is the laziest presi ever. Telling the new appointed minister he wants results in 6months while he sips on french wine.

  2. Wanderfut Says:

    So the Prime minister dispatched the other ministers to do what in particular. Weh Cameroon.

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