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Children of influence August 26, 2009

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January 2008, I wrote about influence peddling by the brood of leaders
of Africa who by reason of their parent’s office have amassed to
themselves, wealth and the arrogance of power to topple any due process
exacted against them. Brood of Vipers or Leaders? 18-Jan-2008 Nigeria: An Exposé on influence peddling 11-Jan-2008.

Foreign Policy magazine ran two articles The World’s Worst Daughters
and The World’s Worst Sons, I saw the former first and a sixth sense
gave me the impression that I would find a familiar face amongst them.

I take this millstone round my neck

the part of the daughters, their parents seemed to be tyrannical
despots or populist leaders and the girls by congenital transference
had taken on a ruthless, vindictive streak of impunity that extends
well beyond the borders of their home countries but left them
completely untouchable at home and abroad.

married to these ladies if that is the right word for them gets
castrated, some have lost custody of their children through the ladies
defying court orders and removing the kids from their lawful custodian
and residence.

who built their businesses on the clout of daddy’s girl should expect
an almighty fallout if the relationship goes sour, you can imagine one
instance where the father forced a divorce on his son in-law and then
had him executed, the lady involved opined that “all families have

makes me think of a song by Prince had has the lines, Girl, I think
you’re hot and sexy, sexy,sexy; Cold Blooded. These girls are cold
blooded and they have balls only where men should have them.

The girls

The rogues gallery lists Gulnora Karimov [1] of Uzbekistan, Raghad Hussein [2], daughter of Saddam Hussein, now a guest of the Jordanian royal family, Sandar Win [3] of Burma, daughter of the late Prime Minister, Pinthongta Shinawatra [4] of Thailand, daughter of the deposed Prime Minister and Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello [5] of Nigeria, daughter of the erstwhile President.

Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello is a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
but has a pending case of kidnapping her son from the United States and
is on the Interpol watch list.

article defines the family business as abuse of power and graft, which
is quite apt, however, if there was a real investigation of her
activities as to uncover the ones skirt the limits of legality, the
charge sheet would paper over the Nigerian end of the River Niger.

is however not the place to detail those issues, the most important
part is she is in the top 5 of the world’s worst daughters as reviewed
in the Foreign Policy magazine, that does take some doing.

As for The World’s Worst Sons, Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son, Sir Mark Thatcher [6] has made a name for himself.



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