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Taxi Driver Manhandles Policeman August 24, 2009

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The relationship between police officers and taxi drivers has not
always been the best mostly in terms of duty. The hide and seek game
which is always being practiced by these two groups often times
escalate to violence.
This time around the Carrefour Biyem Assi
was the scene of action where there was a free game of exchange of
punches between a taxi driver Hilary G. and a superintendent of police
whose name Eden got as Ernest,

‘I was going to drop some passengers in my taxi towards Total Melen,
when I was halted by the police on check’ Ernest narrated; I stopped
and presented all my necessary car documents including my personal

After realising that I have not slipped the usual
‘Gombo’ i.e.  Five Hundred Francs, which has become a habit with the
Cameroonian police core, the Policeman decided to withhold my documents
and later asked me to park well without any further explanation”
explained Hilary G.


He  then walked up to the policeman in
question who was busy stopping other cars behaving as if he had
forgotten to have in his pocket the documents of any other car. It is
after some minutes that he said Hilary was circulating and transporting
passengers with one headlamp broken, and that his badge was not clear,
difficult to be read. Hilary confirmed he told Ernest, he was involved
in a light accident at Biyem Assi High School, but assured him to
replace it first thing the next day.  But Ernest behaved as if he was
deaf and dumb.

When in about fifteen minutes later, the
passengers in Hilary’s taxi became impatient and started one after
another, to leave Hilary’s taxi for others; the driver became very
furious and jumped out of his car and immediately pounced on the police.

could only applaud with other taxi drivers stopping by to encourage the
fight “Give him a good lesson, we can no longer circulate freely in
town because of these eating mills” The taxi driver continued to offer
punches to the police man and it was with the intervention of other
police officers who came to his aid and seized the driver who was
rushed to the police post in Mendong, while Ernest the police was
rushed to the district hospital at BiyemAssi  after receiving heavy
punches which left his face deformed


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