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My Recipe For The Fight Against Corruption August 21, 2009

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By Maurice Ambeno

When we hold meetings, attend conferences, or appear on television
in our various domains, the common and general focus is aimed at the
building and development of this country. At least, that is what is
expected. The intention is not, and should not be, to fight and
destroy. So, no matter what I say which happens to be the truth, and
nothing but the truth, gospel truth, should help as the correcting ink
to save our nation. It should not provoke bitterness towards me, to the
extent of threatening my life.

In last article, I ended up with a promise to advance the best way
of fighting against corruption. Whether we believe it or not, the
present attempt by government to take away this evil from our society
is for from being satisfactory, adequate and sincere. It has failed and
should not be continued. That is why I have decided to offer my service
free of charge , to bring the root of our misery to an end, I mean , to
drive sense into the heads of corrupt officials and all those who stand
to corrupt and be corrupted.

First , however , let me tell you
something which happened a long time ago. It may interest you to know
that my ambition was to be a lawyer but as you know, ‘Na condition make
crayfish I back bend’. That is how I find myself being a native doctor.
Tome its all God’s will and I thank him for it.
To get used to
court procedures and how it functions, I went to court as an observer
at every given opportunity. So it came to pass that a nice looking
young man of Bafut origin, was in the dock for stealing thirty palm
nuts from the CDC palms estate in Bota. The suspect pleaded guilty and
further pleaded for leniency and was imprisoned for three months with
hard labour.

According to him, he had been transported from his
village with others to work in the CDC in Bota Palms. They were
provided with a mattress, a bed and pot. They had no money and knew no
one to borrow money from.
Contrastingly, people known to have
stolen billions these days are still keeping their offices or
imprisoned for a few years. They are also known to be keeping the
stolen money and other properties. They are the ones who determine the
fate of others, the ones who make the loudest noise about fighting the
ills in our country.

So far, a few unfortunate escape goats are
serving various terms of imprisonment for embezzlement to serve as a
deterrent to others. A critical look will tell any observer that all
the measures thus far taken have made no impact on looters and bribery.
On the contrary, new and clever tactics have been developed. The
talking continues while corruption in all its remications thrives.

how long can we sit back and watch this evil? When will
dioscrimination, tribalism, unemployment, povertuy and diseases be
taken care of ? This rather expensive joke must stop . I am made to
understand that armed robbers were being sentenced to death at one time
in this country. Today, embezzlers are by far worse than armed robbers.
By their actions, thousand are unemployed, millions are refused
education, and others starve and are forced to commit crimes. In other
word, they are worse than armed bandits. The problem is that if every
offender had to be imprisoned, most of the working class will be found
in jail.

Here is the answer, the solution to this jig-saw puzzle.
First, all foreign bank accounts owned by Cameroonians should be frozen
and returned to the treasury. All known billionaires should face the
firing squad with no excuse and no mercy and no exceptions. No
documents must remain for longer than two days in any office without
being attended to. The punishment for that and missing files should be
dismissed. No court case must last more than three months without a
verdict. The same goes for appeals. Police officers and gendarmes found
breaking the law in any way should be stripped of their uniforms on the

Briefly, the house of assembly should be dissolved, a
constitutional conference held with no more than three parties to be
allowed and none of the present political party leaders allowed to head
a party. Ministers should be appointed from the party with the highest
number of seats won in parliament and no civil servant should be made a
minister. Any civil servant, seen campaigning for political party must

The article regarding declaration of asses must be
respected to the letter.  Any false declaration will attract severe
sanctions. Frequent, unannounced and strict audit should be the order
of the day. Finally, as soon as all the stolen monies and property have
been recovered and the present billionaires executed, all present
salaries should be trebled, free education with books and uniforms
provided by the state and nothing like PTA levies.

I cannot state
all that should be done to redeem Cameroon from its present plight. My
prayer is that when the constitutional conference holds, which is a
must, people should not place their self interests first. Nobody, I
repeat, no-body or group of persons should do anything towards bit
dissolving parliament, holding a meaningful constitutional conference
and hanging all billionaires now. Any delay or refusing to do so has
untold suffering – not death – awaiting them.

Don’t ask me how
I have come about these conclusions. But any body merely thinking of
hurting or doing away with me, will wish they had never been born. We
don’t have a choice. Don’t say I did not pass on the message.


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