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Limbe Fishermen Complain Again Of Chinesse Trawlers. August 21, 2009

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By Cynthia Beri

The amount of fish catch at the Limbe Sea has dropped drastically
again as a result of the massive presence of foreigners trawlers on the
sea. Fishermen have once more show concern that the amount of fish
caught has dropped from 5 nets a day to almost nothing. The daily
income of an average fisherman has also dropped from one hundred
thousand a day to ten thousand depending on the season.
The high
presence of foreigners especially the Chinese in the sea is said to be
the most outstanding cause of this drastic drop.

According to the fishermen the Chinese nets are capable of catching even the smallest fish in the sea.
makes reproduction difficult. The Chinese boats are also said to be
stronger than Cameroonians and can go very far into the sea.
Chinese reported to be fishing within the areas of the local fishermen.
‘The Chinese are very wicked, they destroy our nets when we meet and
won’t even help someone in danger. I prefer the Nigerians, the
Guineans, but not a Chinese man’ laments a fisherman.

 Many have been rendered miserable as the living standards of many have dropped.
only have fishing materials also become more expensive the prices of
fish have also witnessed a great increase. Most fishermen especially
those old in the business, find it difficult to maintain their family

‘Government measure to remedy the situation has
had little or no impact. The limiting of fishing areas for the
foreigners is not being respected’ by the fishermen and government
officials who are sent to control the implementation of these measures
turn to receive bribe while allowing them to trespass their boundaries.

rescue this tragedy situation the government should put in more
practical efforts to its limitation policy. ‘We are begging on the
government not to send away completely the foreigners who contribute to
the government revenue through taxes but rather to ensure that they
respect their limitations so we can both make ends meet


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