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CPDM Top Brass Split Over Biya’s 2011 Bid August 21, 2009

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                                                                                                                                                        Members of the CPDM Central Committee have been meeting in Yaoundé
to officially endorse a third term bid for the Party National Chairman
Paul Biya despite calls from other members for Biya to step down. This
has been the controversy in the ranks of the party for some time now,
as Professor Hubert Mono Ndjana who equally is alleged to have quite a
good number of followers in the Central Committee who equally think
that it is time for the National Chairman to step down.
Prof. Hubert
Mono Ndjana’s point of view on the issue remains clear that the present
chairman of the party should make way for others to lead the party due
to age and other health reasons

Over four strategic meeting to endorse Biya’s bid led, by the
Secretary General, Rene Emmanuel Sadi took place at the party’s head
quarters in Yaoundé recently

That thousands of motions of support have been pouring
into the CPDM central committee’s secretariat from the different sub
sections and sections but no official statement from party hierarchy
has yet been made.
However, preparations for the official
transmission of these motions to the party chairman and head of state
has been completed and will be handed over as soon as the president
returns from his private visit to Geneva, Switzerland, Eden gathered.Another
campaign strategy used by the CPDM cronies in the past weeks has been
the presentation of the “Biya code” not only to CPDM grass root
militants, but to a cross section of the population. The different
party officials dispatched to the field have been taking turns to
describe the “Biya code” as a must to be read by every well meaning

The book is a biography of President Paul Biya, written by Francios Mattei, a French journalist and writer. 
the North West and southwest Region, the book presentation and sales
was championed by Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, minister of forestry
and wildlife, Fru Angwafor and Leke Tambo Secretary General in the
ministry of public health and secondary education respectively.

mobilisation behind President Biya in the CPDM ranks has so intensified
recently that even those within the party who initially opposed
constitutional amendments to permit the president have another term
have made a dramatic volt face.

After the official party declaration, president Biya would be expected to repeat his routine phrase “Qui j’accept”.


One Response to “CPDM Top Brass Split Over Biya’s 2011 Bid”

  1. ajito Says:

    a man in a relay race who hangs on to the race even in his tiredness is heading his team for defeat (slump) – Biya should go! Helpless Cameroonians are tired of him. He is more or less an armed robber who has successfully used his weapons (the millitary which he heads, to surrender the people of Cameroon) to change the constitution and the people have no choice than to surrender everything to the thief – the one who fails is crucified

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