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UB Registration Forms Stray To Algeria – Prospective Students Stranded August 19, 2009

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Prof. Vincent Titanji: Vice Chancellor Of Buea University

freshmen who will wish to pursue their university education at the
University of Buea, UB, are getting jittery. They are unable to find UB
registration forms anywhere.
In the past, those wishing to enroll
into the University of Buea were advised to do a pre-registration even
before the release of the GCE results.
This year, two weeks after the results of the GCE were released there are still no UB registration forms in sight.

Rolland Bama, the Faculty Officer of the Faculty of Social and
Management Sciences, SMS, a faculty which always takes close to 40
percent of UB annual enrolment, calls on freshmen to be calm. He
explained that the forms which were printed in London were misdirected
on a flight so they are being redirected from Algeria.

A parent
quickly asked him why spend so much money to have ordinary registration
forms printed and transported at a very high cost from London. UB
authorities claim this decision is to fight falsification of the forms.
Like UB certificates which are printed in London, registration forms
are sensitive materials, which should be closely protected like money.

the past, irresponsible individuals have forged UB certificates. Some
of these certificates were discovered and forwarded to forensic experts
for authentication. According to Julius Forbella, the only forensic
police officer left in Cameroon, every year he receives material from
the university to determine if they were genuine or copycats. Many of
these suspected papers were fakes. He believes the samples of the
original UB certificates against which he compares suspect papers are
not falsifiable.

Beyond the falsification of registration
forms, how is the University of Buea ready for the new wave of
applicants knocking at its doors? Following the very good GCE results
this year, thousands will be qualified to enroll into UB.
Unfortunately, UB can not take more than 5,000 for lack of space and

UB and most of Buea is going through acute shortage
of water and boarding space. The influx of students likely to apply for
places in UB will be very disappointed not to be admitted. The other
universities will play the role of the second choice, a choice which
most freshmen are reluctant to consider.
Face with this situation,
government will be forced to increase the current infrastructure at UB
to take more than 15,000 students, or create new Anglo-Saxon

By Christopher Fon Achobang


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