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African rulers, local medical researchers and western hospitals August 19, 2009

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AGENDIA ALOYSIUS (http://agendiaaloysius.blogspot.com/2009/06/african-rulers-local-medical.html)

One of the biggest problem that has plagued the smooth take off of African countries is the deliberate refusal of the colonial administrators we have in most of Africa called presidents, to support local initiatives.

Initiatives in the
field of medical research, engineering, agriculture, finances etc have
been neglected in favour of dependence on the west, exploitative
multinationals and financial institutions etc. The issue here is not a
broad base focus on all of the above, but, on health and research.

have really been contemplating why African rulers have refused to
construct equipped, train and maintain medical personnel and hospitals
that can take adequate care of their citizens.

Repeatedly, we hear of this or that African head of state (ruler) who has flown to


for medical treatment or has died in a European hospital like the
recent case of Omar Bongo. I will not cite any further particular ruler
because there is virtually no African ruler and his family who do not
constantly do their medical consultations in renowned and well-equipped
hospitals over the Mediterranean and across the



many Africans have the needed resources to get visas, air tickets and
pay bills in these costly but well organised health structures in the

The money embezzled by late dictators Sani Abacha of


, Mobutu of Congo Kinshasa, Omar Bono of


, etc is enough to build, equipped some of the best hospitals, and train the personnel for their various countries.

Without any statistics on the wealth of Paul Biya of Cameroon (whom his former close collaborator, Abel Eyinga, also claim is a rich man , Le Germinal No 001
August-September , 2008), another Biya’s closest aide now in prison,
Titus Edzoa, had also even claimed Biya is the richest Cameroonian.) ,
the money embezzled by his close collaborators is enough to transform
the health sector in



Imagine an individual embezzling CFA 52
billion (about $100m) like the case of one of Biya’s diehard supporter
Gerald Emmanuel Ondo Ndong among others.

is alleged that President Barack Obama of USA, recently banned some
Cameroonian top government officials from sojourn in the US because of
their unusually huge bank accounts in the country, which contrast with
the economic climate in



That is a wonderful move, but, Cameroonians wish
to see eloquent President Obama go further and send back the funds to
Cameroon and even release the names including that of the highest
ranked and commander in chief of the embezzlers in Cameroon.

implication, the embezzlers would not have access to the funds, which
lie in American banks and would be serving the American economy. It may
be a herculean task for them to have access to the funds again.

very good intentions of President Obama, would have been translated
into better actions by his government calling on the embezzlers to
justify their wealth within a specific period without which the funds
are sent back to



We need the funds to revamp our health services.

The alleged huge bank accounts and illicit real estates of people like the Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, Sassou Nguessou of Congo Brazzaville, Idriss Derby of Chad, the terrifying looting in some oil rich states in Nigeria like Bayelsa, and so many others is enough to construct, equip and train the best medical personnel for their various countries.

Researching for an AIDS Vaccine

Ever since the
discovery of HIV the virus that causes AIDS, African researchers have
been working hard to get a cure or vaccine against the virus.

However, from every indication, African rulers would not accept any vaccine, which is not from the west.


celebrated researcher Professor Victor Anoma Ngu says he has made advanced research into getting a vaccine for the disease. Some claims he even cures the disease, if discovered at an earlier stage.

On the contrary, other researchers who often talk on political lines rather than research always want to rebuff the claims of Professor Anoma NGU just because the latter has made it clear that the


government has not supported him in the research. He also at one moment
claimed that the some unscrupulous American have stolen part of his

those (Drs) who criticise Professor Anoma NGU have not been able to
show their own research on the issue. This does not mean they should
not criticise because, criticism is part of building a healthy

traditional practitioners should not be neglected. Inasmuch as there
may be charlatans, there are genuine traditional researchers. Others
like Maurice Ambeno, have continuously challenged government to
investigate their research on AIDS but nothing has been done about it.

The government keeps waiting for the day
BBC, CNN, VOA, France 24 etc would announce that a vaccine has been
discovered in one of western laboratories. This day may hardly ever

It is no doubt that that the AIDS
business has “fabulously” enriched the western fabricators of the
antiretroviral drugs as well some western and African pseudo NGOs said
to be working in the fight against the disease.

It is high time true African leaders support local research and develop confidence in their own people and their talents.

From Cameron through, the










etc there is the urgent need for our leaders to construct and equipped
our hospitals, trained the needed personnel and make sure that no stone
is unturned to support local medical researchers.

late Omar Bongo to have said “France without Africa is like a car
without petrol and Africa without France is like a car without a
driver” was just a testimony of how some of these rulers had been
colonised, brainwashed and could not believe in themselves and in any thing their compatriots could do.


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