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Quitting Bakassi Rebel Leader Warns Of Another Attack August 16, 2009

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By Adolf Mongo Dipoko and Solomon Amabo

After announcing his resignation from the Bakassi Freedom Fighters,
BFF, “Commander” Ebi Dari has issued what he calls a “Position Letter”
to explain the reasons for quitting BFF. The letter e-mailed to us.
a joint declaration signed by Ebi Dari and his associate, General
Basuo, they claim that Niger Delta Defence and Security Organisation
was an independent organisation set out to aid other militant groups in
the Niger Delta, aimed at the struggle and emancipation of the people
of the Niger Delta region.

They said later they got affiliated partly with the Bakassi Freedom
Fighters to avoid conflict of ideas, opinions and general operations in
the Bakassi issue.
In the course of the operations, the letter
maintains, they discovered that they had too many differences in
subject matters such as administration and general matters both
internal and external.

“We therefore decided to make this solemn
declaration now, to the government of Cameroon, that henceforth, we
don’t have any dealings in common with the Bakassi freedom Fighters,”
The Position Letter emphasized.

The declaration has, however,
tendered apology to President Paul Biya, his entire cabinet, the public
and all arms of government.
They, however, hinted that the Bakassi
Freedom Fighters, with whom they have parted ways, are planning another
attack on Cameroon by October.

letter further stated that they have denounced their relationship with
the Bakassi Freedom Fighters and have withdrawn all their intense plan
as they have made boldly this solemn declaration, sincerely regretting
the damage they caused by disobeying the ruling of the International
Court of Justice, ICJ.


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