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Fresh Calls For Biya To Step Down July 31, 2009

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The adviser to the Vice President of the World Bank, Celestin Monga,
has said President Paul Biya will be rendering Cameroonians a big and
purposeful service if he quietly withdraws from the political scene and
abstains from running for the 2011 presidential elections.
international economist and prolific writer made the declaration in
Yaounde on Monday 27 July at the dedication ceremony of his latest
publications “Nihilism and Negritude”.

Answering questions on the possible candidature of President Paul
Biya in the 2011 presidential elections, Monga said “Biya should do
service to himself and to Cameroonians by withdrawing from the scene
come 2011”.

He explained that Cameroon is so helplessly
entrenched into moral misdeed that maintaining the leadership statusquo
will certainly not bail the country out. The World Bank economist
opined that the Head of State and his cronies were quite conscious of
the lapses and the stakes ahead. He said the frenzy around ‘The Biya
Code’ and the political strings therein attached could best explain the
fear and panic of the regime and its leader, Paul Biya.
“There are
clear indications that Biya has been overwhelmingly overpowered by the
trend of events, growing unemployment, embezzlement, moral decadence,
excruciating poverty etc”.

Celestin Monga whose publication on
the illegal financial transaction of the late Irene Biya in early
1990’s almost wrecked the regime, however, believes that the about
twenty million Cameroonians have the right and responsibility to bring
about change in Cameroon not only by changing leadership but
fundamentally changing attitudes, life styles, ethical system, order
and values.

“The ousting of President Paul Biya in itself will
not make any sense or bring about the desired results if Cameroonians
do not fundamentally change their attitudes, way of life, ethical
values”, he said.
About his new book, he explained that it was a
collection of recollections or memories and reflections on reinvented
Nihilism in Africa.

Published in March 2009 by the French
university press, the book focuses on the Africaness of an African. The
Nihilism and Negritude in Africans does not in anyway prevent them from
living their African lives.

According to Valentin Yves Mudimba
and Simeon Zinga who prefaced the book, “Negritude is the different
manner Africans live their lives today”.
On the relationship between
the World Bank and the economic dilemma of African countries, the
economist said it was not the place or mission of the bank to draw
economic or development actions for any country.

“The World
Bank has never developed any country. That is not its vocation. The
World Bank is like a box containing money for sale to whoever wants to
buy. They compel no one to get their money”, he clarified.
debunked claims that the World Bank has taken African countries
hostage, pointing out that only military gangs take institutions or
persons hostage.


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