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Exodus Of Medical Doctors in Cameroon On The Rise July 31, 2009

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The Director of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of
the University of Yaounde I, Professor Titanye Ekoue, has revealed that
there is a mass exodus of Cameroonian doctors to developed countries
where these health personnel find job satisfaction and better working
The professor expressed worry that the exodus rate was
so high that if nothing was done to halt the trend, the country risks
having a patient/doctor ratio of 25000:1. This year some 96 general
practitioners graduated to join their colleagues in the field.

Titanye was speaking at the graduation ceremony of the 34th batch of
students from the medical school on Friday 24 July in Yaounde in the
presence of the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang.

He lamented what
he described as helpless situation of medical doctors who do not only
have a large crowd of patients to attend to on a daily bases but also
work under very perilous conditions. A graduate medical doctor
after seven years of study in Cameroon earns about FCFA 150.000 while
his mate from the military school on graduation after 3 years earns
above FCFA 500.000 with other allowances.

In most
hospitals especially in the rural areas, Eden gathered, basic working
equipments are lacking and drug supplies poor to say the least.
different speakers at the ceremony lauded the graduates for their
perseverance, hard work and discipline, calling on them to stand firm
by their profession to uphold its ethics.

Since creation some 34
years ago the Faculty of Health Science has graduated some 3.300
doctors trained with more than 5000 trained out of Cameroon and
unwilling to returned.
Initially called the University Centre for
Health Science on creation some 40 years ago, the school has since 1993
been changed to a faculty.
Intake into the school that was limited
to just 30 places has since 1993 moved up to above 100 per admission
year. This has increased the student population necessitating
infrastructure development.

It is against this background that
the Director revealed that new infrastructures were being put in place
to better accommodate the student population. Infrastructure for the
Pharmacy and Dentistry sections are near completion. Also the school
curricular was being revised to adapt it to the tropical realities in
Cameroon. There will also be the pedagogic block, amphitheatre of 1000
seats and a library.

Hippocratic Foundation Launched
Minister Philemon Yang who was guest of honour launched a philanthropic
organisation at the Faculty of Medicine named the Hippocratic

According to the authorities, it is a civil society
creation to award scholarships to underprivileged students in the
school in particular and Cameroon at large given that medical schools
now exist in other state universities.
The Foundation will also
promote research in the health sector. Veteran musician, Manu Dibango,
was a special guest of honour to the event. He organised a musical
concert at the Palais de Sport to, raise the first funds for the

Tribute To Dr. Dan Muna
students, staff and government authorities all paid glowing tribute to
the late Daniel Muna president of the National Medical Council who
passed away some weeks ago for the wonderful job he did to uphold the
medical profession.
Daniel Muna who owns the Famous Clinique Muna in Douala accordingly will be buried in his home town on August 1st.

to Titanye the late medical expert served selflessly and embraced the
challenges of the profession with tact and dexterity. Like the biblical
Daniel; the late Daniel Muna was described as courageous, intelligent
and hard working.


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