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Cameroon pressure group criticises France’s “support” for Biya July 25, 2009

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France – A Cameroonian pressure group has criticised France for its
"support" for President Paul Biya, warning that this could lead to
retaliation against French citizens in Cameroon as happened in Cote
d'Ivoire in 2004.

Tene Sop, Communication Secretary of the umbrella Cameroonain
Democratic and Patriotic Organisations (CODE), warned that the
situation is serious and "the least problem can turn into violence".

and Cameroonian opposition parties have criticised Paris for not
condemning the suppression of demonstrations against the high cost of
living, in February 2008 in the main cities of Cameroon, especially
Douala and Yaoude.

About fifty people died in the suppression of the demonstrations, according to the official toll.

also criticised France for rolling out the red carpet to President Biya
who is on an official visit to the European country.

interest should be to support the democratic movement and the
progressive forces," according to Sop, who said he was afraid for the
French people in Cameroon in the event of instability.

According to him, France has not learned any lesson from the riots against the French community in Ivory Coast in 2004.

recalled that Ivorian demonstrators targeted the French and their
properties, accusing them of siding with the rebels thus forcing the
French authorities to carry out mass repatriation of their nationals.

shows that the same situation cannot happen in Cameroon. The general
feeling nowadays is that France supports Paul Biya,” he said.

Paris – 25/07/2009


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