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Albinos Worldwide To Converge In Yaounde July 25, 2009

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By Dickson Njoke,

Jean Jacques Ndoudoumou: ASMODISA International President
Albinos worldwide begin meeting in Yaounde from 1 to 9 August 2009 within the framework of their international conference that would be hosted for the first in Cameroon this year.
This was the main agendum on the menu of the Littoral Regional Chapter meeting of the World Association for the Defense and Solidarity of the Albinos known by its French acronym ASMODISA, in Douala last Sunday 19 July under the chairmanship of its international president, Jean Jacques Ndoudoumou.

The meeting here today is to know about the present situation of ASMODISA in the Littoral Region in particular and Cameroon in general. Another issue we shall talk about is the international meeting that will take place from 1 to 9 August 2009 in Yaounde under the auspices of the first lady, Mrs. Chantal Biya, if she will accepts the patronage," Jean Jacques Ndoudoumou said. He reminded the adherents of the purpose of the creation of ASMODISA, which, he said, was amongst other issues "for the protection and defense of the rights of the albinos" in a bid to make them feel comfortable within the society they live in.

"During this international conference, our national congress that did not hold for the past two years will take place for two days, 1 to 2 August," Ndoudoumou said.
The event will feature workshops, a football match, two days of free medical consultations and talks on albino-related health challenges, international modeling contest dubbed "Miss ASMODISA," a grand music concert that will witness the participation of Salif Kieta from Senegal. The event will culminate in a thanksgiving service at a church to be announced.
Expatiating on the workshops, Ndoudoumou said it shall centre more on issues of unemployment. Such workshops would be animated by officials of the National Employment Fund. He used the occasion to call on massive turn out to the conference, saying some seven foreign delegations have already announced their participation and "Cameroonians who are hosting the event must come out en mass to welcome them."
The delegations include: Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Burudi, Gabon, Senegal and Burkina Faso. Some 500 persons are expected to attend the conference that will record the participation of some government officials. The two-day national congress will hold on the theme "Albinos and Human Rights."
During the interactive phase of the meeting, members of ASMODISA Littoral laid several complaints to their international president. Their problems range from conflict of authority, stigmatisation, high unemployment of albinos and the sharing policy of gifts meant for albinos' children. The problem of power within the ranks of the regional executive especially between the Regional Delegate Claudine Nyoba and the Secretary General whose only name Eden later got as Hugues has almost split the association.
"The problem in Douala is first a problem of decentralisation. There is a bureau made for the Regional level but since the city is big, there is a section that was put in place at the other side of the bridge, for those in Bonaberi. There were difficulties in coordinating the activities of the two sections. I have just asked the Regional Delegate to assemble her bureau, to organise the sections and to coordinate the two sections," Jean Jacques Ndoudoumou told Eden shortly after the meeting.
The international president who is also the national president of ASMODISA instructed the Regional Delegate to take up her responsibilities. He advised her to make use of the dynamism of the Regional Secretary General.


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