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Ngolle Ngolle Advocates Life Presidency For Biya July 18, 2009

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Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Kupe Muanenguba SDO Mapping Strategy For Reconciliation In Tombel

Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, has
declared his wish for the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, to be
Cameroon's Head of State for life. 
Minister Ngolle Ngolle was
speaking in Tombel, last weekend during a triumphant home-coming after
his reappointment as Minister of Forestry and Wildlife following the 30
June cabinet shakeup.

According to the Minister, President Paul Biya is the only qualified Cameroonian to pilot the affairs of the nation. 

described the Head of State as the true son of God and Chairman of the
CPDM and qualified the party as not only one of inclusion but the party
of the Holy Spirit.

"Peace and stability that the people of
Cameroon continue to enjoy in this era of political pluralism,
maintaining their enviable position as an Island of peace in Africa and
the world is a clear testimony, that the man of 1982 is a born leader,”
Ngolle Ngole said. 
The Minister went on by saying that for the
Head of State having included his name in the 30 June Cabinet, is an
indication that the people of Kupe-Muanenguba have always been behind
him and will continue to be.  Reason why  he called on the Kupe
Muanenguba people to strongly appeal to the Head of State to stand as
the CPDM presidential candidate during the 2011 election.

Massive Recruitment
the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, which ministry he referred to as
the Elephant Ministry, the Minister announced that he shall recruit all
Kupe-Muanenguba children who are qualified in the Ministry. 
the current recruitment going on in his ministry, he called on the
youths to forward their names to him via the SDO or the Mayor.  He
added that as soon as the list reaches his table, they should count
themselves already employed.  He boasted that with the competitive
entrance examination into the Forestry school in Mbalmayo that train
technicians and assistants of the 200 places earmarked, Kupe-Muanenguba
will occupy about 30 places.

SDO, Chiefs Call For Reconciliation
Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Kupe-Muanenguba, Eboue Njume, did
not hide his feeling about the hatred, jealousy, backstabbing and
gossip that exist among sons and daughters of the division both within
and without the country.  He disclosed that it is very disgraceful to
hear that the division has produced people of high calibre, but the
development of the area is in snail pace.
With the renewed
confidence of the president bestowed on the minister following his
reappointment, he should use his position to bring them together so
that they can harness their energy, reconcile, and talk meaningful

He noted that the absence of some big names
at the grandiose home-coming reception is an indication that minister
has to use his position and call his brothers and sisters of the
division to a reconciliation forum. 
On their part, the president
of the Kupe-Muanenguba chiefs conference like his counterpart of the
Tombel Sub divisional Chiefs Conference during their various
intervention, while hailing the Head of State for reappointing their
illustrious son corroborated the S.D.O by calling on the Minister to
open a forum for reconciliation with all and sundry as the 2011
presidential election is approaching. This, they said, will boost the
campaign for the Head of State.

The chiefs called on the
minister to remember that he is an illustrious son for the entire
division, thus any meaningful development for the division should be
felt by all.
Enter Tombel Mayor.
The Mayor of Tombel, Rose
Ngassa, on her past, during her welcome address, while congratulating
the minister on his reappointment, assured him of the total support of
the Tombel people. 

She, however, reminded the minister of
the numerous problems plaguing the entire division, such as roads,
water and electricity. Rose Ngassa only when the elite of Tombel can
speak the same language then development can follow.  she took time off
to enumerate some of her achievements at the helm of the municipality
and promised to do more with the available financial assistance. 

the end of the hectic home-coming animated by several dance and choral
groups drawn from the entire division, a motion of support and
encouragement was addressed to the Head of state by the militants of
the Kupe-Muanengua I, II and III sections of Bangem, Nguh and Tombel
strongly. The motion of support appealed to the Head of State to stand
as CPDM party presidential candidate during the 2011 political

By Talla Aghaa Kitts,


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