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Limbe 150 Anniversary Rekindles Chieftaincy Dispute July 13, 2009

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Jesco Manga Williams

Jesco Manga Williams: Main Pretender To The Throne

By Davidson Maimo

envisaged 150th anniversary celebration of the birth of Victoria (today
Limbe) programmed to hold some on a date yet to be announced later this
year has rekindled the long standing chieftaincy crisis in the town. 
rulers in Limbe as well as the city authorities are worried on how the
anniversary of the city could be celebrated without a Paramount Chief,
Eden learnt.
It is therefore against this backdrop that a
pre-consultative talk has been scheduled for 8 July at the conference
hall of the Limbe I Council.

In a communiqué issued by the Limbe Sub Divisional Chieftaincy
Advisory Committee, a copy of which Eden procured, pre-consultative
talks between Prince Jesco Manga Williams, and Prince Samuel Ekoh Manga
Williams, brother and son respectively to the late Paramount Chief,
will hold next Wednesday.

The pre-consultations that will be
conducted by the Limbe Sub Divisional Chieftaincy Advisory Committee
along side the founding families of Limbe, according to the release,
shall be done in accordance with the tradition.
The Advisory
Committee, the release stated, shall there after present a report and
recommendations to the administration as to who is qualified to assume
the vacant chieftaincy stool of Limbe.

It is therefore from the
report that the Administration would proceed to hold a public
consultative talks as per July 1977 Decree organising chieftaincy in
Meantime, Prince Jesco Manga Williams has denied sending
any documents or consulting any one in the name of Limbe Sub Divisional
Chieftaincy Advisory Committee.

According to a communiqué from
Prince Jesco Manga Williams, he had never heard of any department or
organisation in the South West region or Cameroon containing the said
decision and has dragged the chairman of the said committee HRH Chief
Samuel Epupa Ekum to Court. Prince Jesco claims that Chief Epupa is not
mandated by any member of the Manga Williams family to act in that

HRH chief Epupa Samuel Ekom has, however, said the
complaint to the court is null and void. He said he can still remember
vividly when Prince Jesco Manga Williams drove in his car to his office
and presented his (Jesco) documents which was not indorsed by any
member of the Manga Williams supporting  him.


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