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Child Initiation On Increase In Bamenda July 13, 2009

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By Rosaline Obah and Cleopas Che

Initiation of children into secret cults is fast becoming the
order of the day in Bamenda within primary and secondary schools.
children who are being initiated fall mostly between the early ages of
1- 25 years. Some are initiated through small food items, others
through small gifts and jewelries as well as through peers and elders.
case in point is a Lower Sixth student of St Paul College Nkwen, whose
name we are withholding who said she was initiated in Form Four and had
been in the secret cult for three years.

While recounting her ordeal, she said it started at a time when she
used to fall ill even during her exams. At night she used to eat and
drink blood in her dreams, after which some people came and took her to
very long distances where she saw very strange faces dressed in black
and had extraordinary long hairs.

She testified that she did
horrible things unknowingly. She further added that, she had the spirit
of a dog and was barking exactly like a dog and any body she bites with
her teeth will be initiated. At times she was given a knife to kill a
child which she refused, saying she has never killed before.
by these incidents, her aunt who noticed her strange behaviour took her
to a pastor and there was a serious spiritual fight between the pastor
and members of her cult and she was the only one who saw it. All
attempts to deliver her at this stage failed as she was given some
hairs, crowns, rings and was made a queen and later got married to a
boy in the cult kingdom.

"After consistent prayers with the
pastor, I was advised to keep praying but it was unfortunate that my
faith was not strong enough, because one night two men came and raped
me and I got up the following morning with waist pain. They also asked
me to offer my brother as sacrifice which I refused to. I then rushed
to the pastor who fortified me with the words of Psalm 29 and
consistent prayers which I have leaned on and have been freed from
bondage," she remarked.

She, however, cautioned other youths to
avoid excessive drinking and indecent dressing which are attractive
forces of cultism. She equally urged youths to take their dreams
seriously  for that may by one of the ways to detect whether they are
being initiated or not.


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