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CAMEROON – “No to the legalisation of abortion” say the Bishops of Cameroon, where Parliament approves a law to ratify the Protocol of Maputo July 13, 2009

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(Agenzia Fides)- Yes, to the protection of African women from all kinds
of violence and discrimination; No, to the legalisation of abortion.
This was state by the Catholic Bishops of Caermoon in a statement sent
to Fides, concerning the approval of the Cameroonian Parliament of the
law which authorises President Paul Biya, to ratify the Protocol of
Maputo. The “Protocol of the Charter of Rights of the individual and
peoples relative to the rights of women” was adopted by the second
ordinary session of the African Union in Maputo (Mozambique) 11 July
2003. The Catholic Church expressed its opposition to paragraph C of
article 14 of the Protocol, which establishes protection for the
reproduction rights of women, allowing medical abortion in cases of
rape, incest, and when the continuation of pregnancy threatens the
physical or mental health of the mother or the life of the mother or
the child (see Fides 26/1/2006).

Commenting the law to approve the Protocol of Maputo, the Bishops of
Cameroon acknowledge that the “law aims to protect African women from
all forms of physical violence and discrimination”, adding that “the
Church approves this commitment to protect women from social injustice
and all forms of abuse ”. However, they add, “article 14 of the
Protocol of Maputo effects the life of the unborn child, giving abusive
rights to the mother. In other words, the article opens the way for the
legalisation of abortion in Africa and we condemn this ”.

The Bishops say “the law is contrary to Cameroonian law which bans
abortion and its legalisation ” and underline that “since its approval
in Maputo, 11 July 2003, the Protocol has brought strong reaction from
the Catholic Church ”, recalling the discourse of Pope Benedict XVI on
January 8, to the Diplomatic Corps to the Holy See: “How can we fail to
be concerned about continual attacks on life, from conception to
natural death? These attacks are not spared even in regions where
culture of respect for life is traditional , such as Africa, where they
attempt to trivialise abortion with the Protocol of Maputo, and with an
Action Plan adopted by the health ministers of the African Union and
which will soon be proposed to a Summit Meeting of heads of state and
During his recent visita in Cameroon the Holy Father called on doctors
to “protect human life from conception to natural end ” (Discourse
Benedict XVI at Card. Paul Emile Léger Centre – CNRH Yaoundé, 19 March

Protection of human life, the statement declares, is part of African
culture: “the believers of our country and all genuine Africans
consider life sacred condemn anything which threatens it. For them,
abortion is a crime ”.
“For all these reasons, in the name of the Lord, we appeal to
individual consciences to protect life and eradicate abortion,
artificial contraception and all the others forms of abuse which
threaten the dignity of the human person ” the Bishops conclude. (L.M.)


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