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51 Year-Old Nabbed For Rape of a 7yr Old in Meme Division July 13, 2009

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By Constance Oneke

A 51-year-old man in Mato, Meme Division, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 7-year-old class three pupil.
suspect, James Akpan, a native of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeriais said to
have closed the mouth of the little girl whose name the parents refused
to unveil, before carrying out his devilish act.

Akpan is also said to have threatened to kill the girl if she
revealed what transpired between them. But the victim spilled the beans
when her parents interrogated her after noticing that she was in pains
and could no longer stand erect for five minutes.
The victim was
rushed to a nearby clinic where the nurse on duty requested that she
should be transferred to Ekondo Titi General Hospital. Reports say she
has, however, been discharged from the hospital.

The father of
the victim, whose only name we got as Christopher, said he reported the
matter to the police who in turn launched a manhunt for the culprit.

Eden gathered that Akpan had already concluded plans to escape to Nigeria for good before he was nabbed
the suspect has blamed the act to the fact that he drank alcohol. The
suspect, who claimed to be addicted to both local gins, popularly
called "Afofo" and beer, claimed he did not know when he defiled the
little girl.
He confessed that he used his fingers to commit the crime.
"I fingered her, I did not use my 'thing'", he said


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