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Rules Of The Game July 4, 2009

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Shey Peter Mabu

Any use of the multi-media with the aim of provoking a positive
response demands the truth and objectivity in the gathering and
processing of material for dissemination. Without this, the main
objectives of what is circulated to inform and sensitize for positive
action shall have been relegated to manipulative acts of destruction.

Despite this principle of responsible communication for
development especially at a time when there is so much talk about
globalisation and new millennium developmental goals, our common future
is occasionally threatened by controversial declarations purported to
protect the poor and underdeveloped.

If the common cause for concern by developed nations and
unpleasant surprises to nations of Africa stemmed from controversial
action aimed at averting contemporary threats to our environment, and
security, there would be little to worry about. But, on the contrary,
while African nations having reinstated multi-party politics now face
the challenges of good governance, not all developed nations seem to be
sincere in their efforts to cooperate effectively so as to avert the
worst that can happen to these nations.

Yet, these stations which in fact, are colonial creations need
the kind of concern that challenges religious bodies, governments, and
non-governmental organisations, to demonstrate fraternal and fruitful
support to the disadvantaged or underdeveloped. This demands sincere
counsel and constructive strategies which ensure stability and progress
instead of focus on socio-economic sins which would not have been
committed if cooperation partners were sympathetic and truly fraternal,
in their relations.

The release of provocative texts on President Biya’s
ill-gotten wealth and huge investment abroad at a time when in pursuit
of his policy of rigour and moralization, the president has launched a
crusade against embezzlers of public funds, raises a number of
unanswered questions. For one thing, observers do not understand why
the “Comite Catholique Contre la faim et pour le Développement (CCFD),
a non – governmental organisation for development should come out with
such revelations without replete proof of its declarations.

Furthermore, why does it dish out such a release just after a
French citizen has published a book, the ‘Biya Code’ appreciating the
rare qualities of the Cameroonian leader? Is it not in fact,
disappointing that at this time when peace-loving nations appreciate
the efforts African leaders, have made to ensure a peaceful transition
from the single party system to the multi-party type, and are facing
the ongoing global economic crisis, the so-called friends in need,
should fan the flames of distabilisation instead of prudent support?
Why do those who decry Africa’s sins of commission and omission, abate,
remain silent and only speak out after the ‘so-called socio-economic’
sins have been committed?

With the scandals and resignations that in recent times have
hit some well-known western powers, who today doubts the vulnerability
of all human beings to contemporary tests of life? But to claim without
proof that all leaders, especially those of Africa are ‘sinners in
angels’ robes, would be disregarding the principle of ‘live and let
live’, ‘build and let build’.

In actual fact, African nations after having suffered, and
succumbed to the pangs of the slave trade, colonisation,
neocolonisation, economic crises, and turbulent democratisation
processes, believe in patriotic tolerance, constructive criticism and
diplomatic strategies aimed at averting the worst, instead of focus on
what provokes negative results.

Such a stand by Cameroonians and their leader is the secret
behind the peaceful end to the Bakassi border dispute, unity despite
diversities, peaceful transition from the federal system of governance
to the unitary type, and patriotic acceptance of drastic salary
reductions, in response to economic crisis of the 1980s.


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