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Gendarmes Interrogate Students For Attacking Equato-Guineans July 4, 2009

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By Aminateh Nkemngu

Several students of the National Polytechnic, Bambui have, for about
a week now, been undergoing interrogation at the Gendarmerie Brigade De
Recherche, Mile Four Nkwen, Bamenda for attacking and assaulting
Equato-Guinean students last 22 May 2009.
According to a female
student who opted for anonymity for fear of being dragged again to the
gendarmerie brigade, several of them were identified for attacking and
beating up students from Equatorial Guinea last 22 May when several
Cameroonians were deported from that country.

Thus, they were forced to the gendarmerie brigade last week where
each of them was grilled for at least three hours and only had to be
released on bail.

A parent who also requested anonymity for fear
of the unknown and who went to bail his daughter on Thursday 25 June
revealed to Eden that the gendarme officer on duty explained to him why
the students had to be grilled.
According to the officer, the
government of Cameroon did not allow Cameroonians to retaliate against
Equatorial Guineans while that of Equatorial Guinea definitely
supported the action to repatriate Cameroonians.

This, he
continued, is due to the fact that Cameroonians living in Equatorial
Guinea do not have the required documents while Equato-Guineans living
in Cameroon have their residence permits.

Sources close to the
Brigade De Recherche also told Eden that senior officials of the
Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Yaounde have visited Bamenda twice to
press for action to be taken against Cameroonians who tortured
Equatorial Guineans last 22 May.

It would be recalled that in the
wake of the mass repatriation of Cameroonians from Equatorial Guinea,
students of the National Polytechnic Bambui unleashed their anger on
Equatorial Guinean students in the institution, torturing many of them
and putting them on the run.
This created severe tension, making the
Mezam administration to intervene to enable the Equatorial Guinea
students to continue studies.
Despite this intervention, tension
between Cameroonian and Equatorial Guinea students in the institution
is said to still be very high.


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