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Boy Killed By Mob After Violating Oath July 4, 2009

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By Philo Happi

A 20-year-old  from Ngyen Mbo
village in Mbengwi Momo Division was recently killed by an angry mob in
Kumba after violating a traditional oath he took never to steal again.
boy, whose corpse was abandoned on the street, is said to have been
among a gang of thieves recently that attacked Kumba. Two of them faced
mob justice and were all killed.

Sources close to the family in Ngyen Mbo say the young man had been
released several times from prisons because of theft. The family too
had suffered a lot of financial losses compensating his victims, and
bills for detention. 

 Three days before his demise, the
family had subjected him to take an oath, by drinking from the
traditional cup that he will never steal again. This was done after a
lot of cautioning of the young man and many lessons on the
disadvantages of stealing. The terms of the oath were that if he stole
again, any kind of mishap would follow him.

As he left the
village, he received his family blessing and all his family members
were happy that the young man had at last changed for the better. They
were also happy that they will stop spending huge amounts of money on
him in the name of bail from detention
Their happiness did not last
long as they soon received news that, the boy has been killed and his
corpse abandoned on the street in Kumba.


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