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Bishops Want Protest March Against Legalising Abortion, Homosexuality July 4, 2009

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By Elias Ntungwe Ngalame

The Bishops of Cameroon have condemned the ratification of the
Maputo Protocol which permits States to legalise homosexuals and
abortion in their countries. In a declaration published on 27 June at
the end of their 34th Plenary Assembly in Yaounde, the Bishops disagree
vehemently with Cameroon's ratification of the law, calling on
Cameroonians to categorically say no to it.
Talking to the press
after the meeting, Christian Cardinal Tumi said the Bishops will in the
days ahead organise a protest march throughout the national territory
to show their indignation and disillusionment with the Head of State
for ratifying such a bad law.

It should be recalled that in the month of March 2009, the National
Assembly voted a law which was published in the official press No.
2005/003/14 April 2009 authorising the President of the Republic to
ratify the Maputo Protocol on Human Rights and the Rights of women.
This protocol accordingly, was adopted in Maputo on July 11, 2003. The Head of State ratified the law on May 28, 2009.

law according to the Bishops declaration focuses on protecting African
women against physical violence and other forms of discrimination.
While the Bishops salute steps geared at eschewing all forms of
injustice especially against women and children, they nonetheless
disagree categorically with Article 14 of the Maputo Protocol which
permits or legalises abortion by giving abusive reproductive rights to

The law gives the right and freedom to marriage even by
same sex, thereby authorizing homosexuality that hitherto is a taboo in
Even more damaging, such a law goes against Christian
teachings according to the Bible. According to the Bishops, authentic
Christians in Africa in general and Cameroon in particular consider
human life as secret and therefore condemn all forms of sexual actions
that bring disrepute to the human folk.

The Bishops in their
declaration reaffirm the important place of women in the family as well
as the need for responsible parenthood.
Article 14 of the Maputo protocol they argue is at variance with the Cameroon law against abortion.
should be recalled that the Catholic Church through the Holy Sea in
Rome since the adoption of the Maputo Protocol in Mozambique July 11
2003, made its position against it loud and clear.

This was the subject of discussion between the Pope and the Heads of Diplomatic missions in a meeting in Rome in January 2007.
is for this reason that the subject will take prime position at the
upcoming Bishops General Assembly and it is also contained in the
Instrumentum Laboris that was handed to the Bishops in Africa during
the Pope's visit to Cameroon and Angola.


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