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Why Inoni Was Replaced July 3, 2009

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By Dickson Njoke,

Ephraim Inoni: Outgoing PMIt
came like a surprise to some but certainly well-informed persons knew
that the cabinet reshuffle will come immediately after the
parliamentary session.  Before Biya's announcement of the appointments
yesterday Tuesday, 30 June 2009 to replace the Inoni government of
December 2004 the press in Cameroon had for about two years now be
issuing their own list of members of government. 

Operation Sparrow Hawk Eyes Inoni?  
Since the
kick off of the second episode of the famous Operation Sparrow Hawk
popular by its French appellation 'Operation Epervier' in February
2008, political analysts speculated the departure Chief Ephraim Inoni.  

reason was no other than the scandalous 'Albatross affair,' involving a
presidential jet that almost killed the Head of State and President of
the Republic, Paul Biya. Inoni is amongst those who have been linked in
the fraudulent deal.
Chief Inoni had been cited for so long in
conflicts with his other members of government. It was during the reign
of Inoni Ephraim that the ENAM issue sprang up as well as that of the
admission of students in the faculty of science in the University of
Buea. The strike at the same university that took away lives of many
Cameroonians occurred under the reign of one who is an indigene of the
South West Region where the university is planted.

Inoni's Inability To Halt Petition          
t what many think, the 'albatros affair' is probably one of the reasons
of the dismissal of Inoni, but not the major. The main cause of the
disgrace slammed on Ephraim Inoni observers believe is the 'petition'
to the President of the Republic by Fako Chiefs on alleged tribalism at
SONARA. Ephraim Inoni is a one of the Chiefs of Fako Division.

are possibilities that Inoni was not in favour of the action of his
fellow brothers (chiefs of Fako) but this same Inoni had the capacity
that would permitted him to halt and why not, kill the issue. Everybody
will remember Simon Achidi Achu when he was prime minister for his
reconciliation moves between Anglophones and Francophones after the
political crisis in the early 1990's. Chief Ephraim Inoni on his part
was unable to effectively play this role. The petition pushed the Head
of State to immediately order for inquiries thereby showing that he has
SONARA at heart.

Why Other Ministers Were Dropped
case of Augustin Edjoa is a clear one. Since his appointment as
Minister of Sports and Physical education, this man has had problems
with almost all the presidents of the different sports federations.
Worst of it all was the recruitment of Otto Pfister as head coach of
the indomitable lions. A very sensitive issue! Football is the only
unifying factor in Cameroon now. The lions are at the verge of loosing
their chances in the upcoming world cup competition as the case was in
2004. A Minister, who can't boast of any achievement, but caused a lot
of disorder before his departure.

Remy Ze Meka
has suffered plenty of raids by unidentified pirates. The attacks came
up regularly and probably steadily. The issue was not well handle that
it took a twist that saw the killing of the DO for Kombo Abedimo, Felix
At this time the man who was until 10 minutes pass 5pm
yesterday Minister of Defense, Remy Ze Meka tried to tighten security.
The Head of State had to step in to make changes at the level of the
handling of security issues in Bakassi.

Cameroon recorded the
biggest bank robbery in decades within the CEMAC sub region last
September in Limbe. This is when Ze Meka proved his incompetence in
handling defense issues in the country.
He proudly told the press
that he was not surprised by the attack. The question that came up
after his declaration was "what measures did he take since he had been
forewarned of the robbery?" Accusing fingers pointed at him saying the
gang was his'.   

It was hard to predict the departure of
Gounoko Hawounaye who was appointed minister of transport in 2007. His
appointment observes said was in appreciation of his hard work during
his term as governor of the Littoral Province. He handled several
crises in this region with lots of tact and came to the limelight when
the Kenya Airways plane crashed in Douala.

Of recent, cynics
got interested in him with the issue of Camair Co. the appointment to
the post of Board Chairman of the Douala Port Authority was an
indication that he about leaving the government. Elites of his native
area had in the past weeks been criticing him in their memoranda.
minister whose dismissal was a surprise is Pascal Anong Adibime of the
Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure. In the past months, he
featured in almost all the newspaper publications. He tried putting
order in the handling of State property and laid emphasis on land
issues. It earned him much criticism.

Haman Adama of recent is
amongst those cited for the next phase of the operation sparrow hawk.
It is worth mentioning that the ministry of basic education that she
was bossing has got the interest of Transparency International Cameroon
following several allegations of fraud in the ministry.    

List Of New Ministers

Prime Minister Head of Government
Mr. Yang Philemon.

Minister of State in charge of Transport – Mr. Bello Bouba Maigari

Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defense
– Mr. Mebe Ngo'o Edgard Alain

Minister of Post and Telecommunication
– Mr. Biyiti Bi Essam Jean Pierre

Minister of State Property and Land Tenure – Beloeken Jean- Baptist

Minister of Communication
– Mr. Issa tchiroma Bakary

Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family – Mme Abena Ondoa nee Obama Marie Therese

Minister of Basic Education
– Mme Youssouf Nee Adidja Alim

Minister of Water and Energy
– Mr. Ngako Tomdio Micheal

Minister of Sports and Physical Education – Mr. Zoah Micheal

Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Mme Ananga Mesina Nee Beyene Clemantine Antoinette

Secretary of State at the Ministry of Secondary Education
– Mr.  Mounouna Foutso

Deputy Secretaries General At The Presidency
-Mr. Agbor Tabi Peter
-Mr. Fouda Serphin Magloire

Minister in charge of Special at the Presidency – Mr. Rene Sadi

Roving Ambassadors at the Presidency
– Mr. Ferdinard Oyono
– Mr. Maikano Abdoulaye

Director of Civil Cabinet at the Presidency
-Mr. Belinga Eboutou Martin

Minister in charge of missions at the civil cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic
– Mr. Bille Bidjang Martin

Special Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic
– Mr. Sinjoun Luc


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