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Cameroon: Child Rights – MINAS Prescribes Urgent Actions July 1, 2009

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By Choves Loh

  • Need to protect God's heritage stressed at launch in Ndop of 19th edition of the Day of the African Child

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The theme of the Day of the African Child this year is "An Africa
fit for children" – a call for accelerated action towards their
survival. The Minister blamed HIV/AIDS, wars, conflicts, trade in
children, abuses, violence etc for the mortgage of the survival of the
child. It was also time to cheer efforts by the Cameroon government to
ensure survival for children with President Biya demonstrating
commitment to lift the image of children who he says are 'God's
heritage and the future of the Cameroon nation". Minister Catherine
Bakang Mbock demonstrated that the survival of the child is a priority
in the government's action with about nine Ministerial departments
whose missions are directly concerned with the protection of the child.
She also featured the First Lady's actions in the sector as the UNESCO
goodwill ambassador for education and social inclusion. The Minister's
three day stay in the North West was most welcome to the region's
street children, visits to social structures, the region's deaf and
Hard Hearing home at Akum, the Community Development Volunteers for
Technical Assistance (CDVTA), St. Joseph's children and Adult
rehabilitation centre (Sajocah), HIPC assistance to beneficiaries and
working sessions with staff of regional services.


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