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Govt Accused Of Mismanaging Refugee Funds June 29, 2009

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Participants At World Refugee Day

Participants At World Refugee Day


has been critisised for the mismanaging of funds intended for refugees.
The government is also under fire for doing very little to protect
refugees.   "The score I can give to Cameroon is 'F', (very poor) in
regards to the protection of the rights of refugees in Cameroon," Jean
Faustin Kinyock, President of the Human Rights League said in Douala on
Thursday 18 June 2009.

He was addressing a crowd during a conference organised as part of
activities to commemorate the World Refugee Day. The event regrouped
refugees of different nationalities, representatives of NGOs, the press
and legal practitioners.  

Jean Faustin Kinyock told the crowd
that the government is not doing much to protect the rights of refugees
in the country. He described the situation of the latter as miserable
although the Cameroon government is receiving money to cater for them.
decried the mismanagement of these funds, saying Cameroon in 2008
hosted a total of 91.900 refugees and asylum seekers. Thus, about
65.200 from the Central African Republic, 20.000 from Chad, and
thousands from countries like Nigeria, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of
Congo, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Liberia amongst others.

to Kinyock, president of the National Human Rights League the
government is reluctant in promulgating laws in conformity with
international conventions.

African countries likewise some
countries in other parts of the world hosting refugees do complain
often of "poverty." In this regard the International Covenant on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights made provisions in its article 2
paragraph 3 for countries in such condition.  
The article
stipulates inter alia "Developing countries, with due regard to human
rights and their national economy, may determine to what extent they
would guarantee the economic rights recognized in the present Covenant
to non-nationals."

In Cameroon, a law on refugees (law
n°:2005/006) was enacted on 27 July 2005. The said law is in conformity
with the Geneva convention of 28 July 1951 concerning the status of
refugees as amended by the New York protocol of 31 January 1967, and
with the convention of the defunct OAU of 10 September 1969
regularising the real aspects of the problems of refugees in Africa.

they (government) have adopted a domestic law on refugees, Cameroon has
not adopted its decree of application that will permit the creation of
a national commission of eligibility of status of refugees, and a
national commission to assist refugees," Faustin Kinyock revealed.

disclosed "at the Henry Dunant socio-medical centre in Yaounde and at
the Barcelone (a quarter in Douala) District, FCFA 300 has to be
disbursed by the refugee for consultation given right to checks, and
treatment. The purchase of medications is taken care of by HCR. In
reality, HCR will not commit itself to above FCFA 20.000. When the
expenses are higher than this amount, the refugee will have to look for
the surplus by himself. In addition, those having eye diseases are not
taken care of."

Scholarships are given to refugee students in
higher, technical and professional institutions having a partnership
accord with HCR. HCR also takes responsibility of those in primary
The assistance to those in primary school consisted of just FCFA 25.000 for a child in each refugee family.


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