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Ill gotten Wealth – the Cameroon Trail June 27, 2009

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(Opinionated) Translation by Innocent Chia

Story by Philippe Broussard of L’Express.fr
Cameroon anxiously waits own turn in the investigation of Paul Biya’s “Ill-gotten Wealth”…
President Biya on March 20 09
Will Cameroon be the next African country to be taken by the storm of investigations of the "ill-gotten wealth" of its leaders? As at now, the judicial procedure that aims to determine the "French" heritage of certain heads of States has been limited to Gabon, Congo Brazzaville and Equatorial Guinea. But the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD), a NGO that played a role to trigger the first investigation, is very interested in the Cameroon of Paul Biya, in power since 1982.

In its report made public on Wednesday June 24, the committee specifically pinpoints the "magnificent Villa Isis", in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (Maritime Alps), belonging, it seems, to Franck Biya, the son of the president. Questioned by The Express, President Biya’s entourage claims that this is "nothing abnormal for a man his son’s caliber that heads an important forest corporation". Even more surprising to the CCFD is the aid (financial) provided by Cameroon to the Osti, an esoteric organization whose name had appeared, in 1999, as part of investigations into a sect known as the Order of the Solar Temple.

The Osti (initiatory temple of the sovereign Order) was founded in 1988 by Raymond Bernard. Now deceased, Raymond Bernard was known in 2006 for his Rosicrucian, Templar and Masonic activities, as well as for his financial links with French-speaking black Africa. Presenting itself as "counsel" to Paul Biya, it asserted, in 1998, that he was president of honor of the Circes (a branch of the Osti) in his country and, by this very fact, therefore, unrepentant beneficiaries of Biya’s extreme "generosity". 

Indeed, in 1990, he even helped the organization in obtaining its Parisian headquarters located on the Beaunier Street (XIV). The loan amount was a whopping 40 millions French francs! And get this: it was repayable, with zero interest payment on the loan, in 99 years! Part of this sum was immediately poured out by the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, a Cameroonian public establishment, into the account of Raymond Bernard at Crédit Lyonnais. 

Quizzed about this, the presidency denied all and any relations with the Temples, even guaranteeing that the Presidency has never "consented to such loan". Only problem: when questioned by The Express, Otsi does not deny that it has received the sum 40 millions French francs from Paul Biya. In an email correspondence with the current association leader, Yves Jayet, he indicates that this loan "has been the subject of important reimbursements each year since 1999"!? The Grand Master does not specify the addressee into whose account the reimbursements are made.

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