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Cameroon-E Guinea Tension: Who Is Begging Who? June 27, 2009

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s the Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea Joint Commission began meeting in Malabo yesterday Tuesday 22 June 2009, there were still fears that Equatorial Guinea will not compromise its stand on its expulsion policy directed towards illegal immigrants. The border closure by Equatorial Guinea is also an issue of serious concern to Cameroonians.

The meeting comes up in the midst of worries about the growing tension between Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea as well as the stability of the Central African sub region and the whole idea of regional integration in Africa.

The Cameroon delegation is headed by the Minister of External Relations, Henri Eyebe Ayissi.


Though the opening session seemed cordial, diplomatic sources say the Cameroonian delegation is expected to work extra hard to strike a real bargain with the authorities in Malabo particularly over immigrants expulsion.
But with a high-powered delegation led by the Minister of External Relations, most observers are beginning to ask whether the authorities in Cameroon are going cap-in-hand to beg for a change of heart from their Equatorial Guinea counterparts.


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