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Armed Robbers Rape HIV/AIDS Patient June 27, 2009

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By Philo Happi in Bamenda

Four armed robbers are reported to have raped an HIV/AIDS Patient. 
The incident took place on Sunday 21 June 2009 at about 10.30 pm in Mile Two Nkwen neighborhood in Bamenda.
The four armed robbers are said to be resident in Mile Two Junction neighborhood and who are always spotted during the day idling in a certain bar opposite P.M.I Nkwen. It is here that the gang is said to be found idling amongst others boys of the quarter and carrying out their nocturnal plans, which often leave their victims, mostly females who they rape without money and cell phones, while also breaking into people's houses

On that Sunday night their, next victim was an HIV/AIDS carrier, a certain girl whose name Eden is withholding, who had just arrived Bamenda from Douala, where she has been working as a commercial sex worker, to receive treatment on her deadly disease from Day Care Hospital, Bamenda.
According to a woman in Mile Two neighborhood in whose house the HIV/AIDS patient sought refuge, and as narrated by the victim, she had moved into this bar opposite PMI Nkwen to beg and charge her cell phone. Unfortunately, she was told that there was no distributor on which she could charge the cell phone.

On leaving the bar, it is said that a group of boys who were standing around the bar made advances at her. And when she did not respond, they followed and questioned why she would not stop and listen to a gentleman's call.
After moving a few meters away from where there was light from one of the bars, the four armed robbers pointed a gun at her and ordered her to keep quiet. She was dragged to a dark corner behind PMI Nkwen where all four raped her with one of the four using a condom, while the other three went "full contact".

According to the rape victim, when she noticed that the last three bandits, had seized her cell phone and the sum of FCFA 10.000, said they had no condom, she could not stop them because she was ordered to stay quiet at gun-point, as she was threatened to be shot if she opened her mouth to utter a word.


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