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Woman Strips Naked To See Mayor June 22, 2009

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By Dickson Njoke,

An unidentified lady on Friday 12 June 2009 decided to undress herself in front of the Mayor of the Douala II council.
lady who is said to be insane wanted to meet with the Mayor, Ms. Denis
Fambou but she was denied access by collaborators of the Mayor. She got
angry after she had insisted on meeting the Mayor and began pouring
insults on a man who claimed to be a close relation to the Mayor. The
man who could not bear the insults attacked the lady and tore her
T-shirt. He later called on one of the guards when he found out that
the incident had pulled a crowd, to take away the lady from the council
premises in New Bell, Douala.

In a struggle with the guard, as the
lady was being pulled on the floor, she removed her cloths and stood
naked at the entrance to the council office. She was still battling
with the guards when the Mayor, Ms Denis Fambou, came to probe into the

"Do you think I hate you? Do you think I can do anything bad to
you?", she questioned the Mayor who only used her head to answer 'No.'
The Mayor sent her collaborators to get for her another clothes.
"Didn't I campaign for you, to make you what you are today? You know my
uncle did much for you during your electoral campaign," she continued.
The mayor kept silent and later said 'yes.' The lady then asked, "why
didn't they let me meet you?" The Mayor was speechless and later left
after promising the lady that things will be fine.

The lady sat
at the council office entrance to wait for the Mayor who was at the
peak of a ceremony that she organised to honour academic excellence in
the Douala II sub division.
The ceremony was attended by a representative of the SDO for Wouri and a cross section of dignitaries.
Eden learnt that this lady who is said to have some mental deficiency is well known by the council workers.
is how she comes here often to disturb the Mayor after drinking her
beer," a council worker said. The said lady refused to disclose to
Eden, the purpose for which she wanted to meet the Mayor.

know that man (the unidentified man who first attacked her) very well;
I used to look for girlfriends for him in Njomabi (a vicinity in Douala
II)," she told the press. She refused to give the man's name and
threatened to arrange with boys to thrash the man when he comes to
their usual meeting point. Just as she was talking to the press, she
spotted the man and began insulting him again. The man could not
withstand it an attempted beating her if not of the intervention of
pressmen, council workers and some persons who were attending the

Few minutes after the lady had calmed down, the press
was attracted by another quarrel between the said man and an
unidentified parent whose son was amongst the laureates of the day.
This other incident was happening just about five metres away where the
Mayor was personally handing over prizes to the best 20 pupils of
schools within her municipality. The incident provoked the lady who
decided to naked herself again and stood a few metres away from the

At the end of the ceremony, Ms. Denis Fambou went
back into her office. She was pursued by a crowd amongst which were
teachers and others who were either requesting for their prizes and/or


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