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Woman Loses FCFA 1.4 Million To Conmen June 22, 2009

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By Roland Mbonteh

A lady whose only named  Mado was Friday 12 June duped of FCFA 1.4 million by some Mutengene-based conmen. 
The woman reportedly from Yaoundé was heading for Limbe to purchase smoked fish when she felt into the dragnet of the hoodlums.
The "feymen", as the conmen are popularly called, cornered their victim and lured her with their stories of making fast cash.

 The conmen told their prey that they have in their possession FCFA
250 million which needs to be cleansed by a traditional doctor given
that the money was acquired from their purported expatriate boss whom
they said died in an accident, Eden gathered.  

Mado is said
to have fell for the story of the conmen she was promised a colossal
sum of FCFA 25 million. She dolled out the sum of FCFA 900.000 she had
on her, money that was meant to buy fish in Limbe.  Mado, Eden learnt,
rushed to Douala to get an additional FCFA 500.000 from her aunt on the
pretest that she wants to clear off some goods in Limbe worth over FCFA
It was only after handing over the total sum of FCFA 1.4
million to the conmen that it downed on her that she had been duped
after the conmen had vanished into thin air.

Mado, according to
some Mutengene residents, who narrated her ordeal to Eden, almost went
mad parading nude as she was left stranded with no money on her.  All
attempt by some Mutengene dwellers to beckon Mado not to give in to the
conmen failed probably because she wanted more money.

Mado is,
however, not the only victim of the "419" activities in Mutengene, but
it only goes to say that the victims of such acts are selfish people
who want more money where they did not sow.  


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