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Three Baccalaureate Candidates Arrested For Exam Fraud June 22, 2009

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Three candidates sitting in for the Baccalaureate examinations have
been arrested for having the French paper of the exams before hand.
of the culprits, Dominique Roger Mvondo Koa is currently under
detention at the Akonolinga prison in Yaounde, while his two
accomplices have been released.
The uncle of the cheat, Valentine
Ambassa Bomba, who happens to be an official in the Ministry of
Secondary Education, was the first to denounce the misconduct after
discovering that he had treated the same paper with his nephew the
previous day.

According to close relatives, on the eve of the exams, Dominique Roger Mvondo Koa had come back home late in the evening.
the uncle asked why he was coming home late and he replied that he had
been working on a question paper with two of his mates. His uncle
curiously requested to see the paper and even helped his nephew in
making some corrections.

The next day, the uncle was shocked to
discover that the exam question paper was identical to that he treated
with his nephew the previous day.
The uncle is said to have denounced the culprits.

Despite investigations, there was nothing to show that the envelop containing the question papers had been tempered with.
According to Dominique Roger, it was given to him by a former student of Lycee Leclerc, whose name he had forgotten.
He, was however, detained, while investigations have opened to track down the source of the fraud


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