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Cameroon: Time for an Anglophone President! June 18, 2009

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By Pa Fru Ndeh

The nation state of Cameroon in the armpit of Africa as we know it
today has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage. Cameroon is at
Africa's crossroads, North, South, East and Central Africa cuts through
Cameroon.  The Cameroon appelation came from the River Wouri which the
Portuguese in the 15th Century named Rio Dos Cameroes(Prawns).  After
generations of Africans for a period of over 400 years were shipped to
the newfoundland of Amerigo Vespuci, or America for slavery, the
scramble for Africa begun in the late 19th century.

was colonized by the Germans starting sometime roundabout 1884, even
though the English arrived before the Germans. Until about 1913, when
the Germans lost the first world war,Cameroon was a German colony. 
After 1913, Cameroon was essentially divided between the English and
the French. This would have profound effects on the nature of the
territory of Cameroon. There became a Northern Cameroon & a
Southern Cameroon which went to the English and East Cameroun to the
French after the League of Nations mandates. 

Cameroon and Northern Cameroon, had their assembly in Nigeria for
administrative purposes being governed as trust territories. In 1953,
both the Gov't and Opposition of Southern Cameroons got fed up with the
Nigerian Parliament and decided to go back home to Buea, Cameroon with
their seat of parliament. The Southern Cameroon Prime Minister &
Assembly were now in Buea.

In 1961, at the behest of the United Nations, Southern Cameroon
joined East Cameroun or La Republique du Cameroon as equal partners.
Still in 1961, at the behest of the United Nations, Northern Cameroun
joined Nigeria to the annoyance of Ahmadou Ahidjo who had hoped for the
populous Northern Cameroon to join East Cameroon to dominate politics;
especially given the father was from the Kano area.

since 1961 to 1972, was a Federal Republic of Cameroon with resolutions
which were never implemented, and from 1972 changed fraudulently to a
United Republic of Cameroon until 1984, and then metamorphosized
illegally into a Republic of Cameroon in 1984 until date.

as from 1961 has had two Presidents since unification namely Ahmadou
Ahidjo from 1961 to 1982, and Paul Biya 1982 to 2011 (future). Should
2011 meet Paul Biya in power, it would mean that Cameroon would be
celebrating 50 years of unification, a good thing, very good thing. It
would also mean that Cameroon's Golden Jubilee of Unification will be
celebrated with two Francophones or East Cameroonians as President.

argument here therefore is that after 50 years of Francophone Rule,
come 2011 it is time for an aboriginal Anglophone from West Cameroon
extraction to be the next President of Cameroon after Paul Biya leaves
power in 2011.

Both Anglophone & Francophone Cameroonians inside and outside
Cameroon are therefore called upon to see through this Open Agenda of
An Anglophone Presidency, by any means necessary.

It really does not matter who that Anglophone is;

The AGENDA here is simple: AN ANGLOPHONE PRESIDENCY! The said
aboriginal Anglophone can be an Independent Candidate or belong to any
political party, be it Adamu Ndam Njoya's CDU, Paul Biya's CPDM, Dakole
Daissala's MDR, John Fru Ndi's SDF, Bello Bouba Maigari's UNDP etc…

All that matters is that the time is ripe for an Anglophone to be President after 50 years of a Francophone Presidency.

The echoes in everyone's ears should thus be:

50 years of a Francophone Presidency, Time for an Anglophone Presidency!

the colonial age group of people withers away, it is imperative that we
take advantage of the changing tides. In France, Jacques Chirac is on
his way out of power as well. Cameroon's liberal autocracy is gradually
adjusting to the demanding realities of a true democracy. Evidently as
we all can see and attest to, democracy is good for business. The
Americans through their U.S. Ambassador in Cameroon know this.

the below 40 years old generation are called upon to action. Serious
action, to see through this Open Agenda of An Anglophone Presidency.
The above 40 year old generation, should be shakened, shakened from
their slumber to act upon this agenda. Let this agenda reverberate
throughout the national territory, the impulse, the momentum so that
once the chain reaction is over our objective of would have been
achieved – An Anglophone President.

Blessed Be Cameroon
Pa Fru Ndeh
Washington D.C.


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