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Onto Uncharted Territory: Can Africa Withstand the Chinese Unslaught? June 17, 2009

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By Samira

Chinese President Hu Jintao just wrapped up a 12-day eight-nation
whirlwind tour of africa. According to Newsweek, he travelled across
the continent “signing trade deals, forgiving debt, extending loans and
securing rights to natural resources”.

Chinese have certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons! In spite of
their massive "genorosity" and "investments", I think it is wrong for
the Chinese Government to foster diplomatic ties with African countries
without any consideration for human rights and corruption. But then,
China is a country notorious for its own dictatorship and lack of the
respect for human rights.

this unstoppable encroachment of the "Yellow Terror" represents a new
line of colonialism and world dominance – even though President Hu
insisted in South Africa that his country would “certainly not do
anything harmful to the interests of Africa and its people”, and that
Beijing was against all forms of “colonialism” or “slavery”.

trade imbalances between China and Africa seem blatantly unfair. It is
unlikely that Africa can ever export as much goods and services to
China as the Chinese are capable of dumping cheap inferior goods onto
the continent. And while there is real concern for global warming with
China enjoying unprecedented robust economic growth, it won't take much
for that country to completely mow down African tropical forests in
order to feed her newfound economic appetite.

Africa represents
a vulnerable haven for Chinese excesses. They need trillion of litres
of oil to run their sprawling gas-guzzlers, millions of precious gems,
designer labels of all things, forests of timber, the bauxite, and
above all, outlets for the excess population. China has calculated that
2.2 billion Chinese are overheating their nation that has grown
steadily educated and rich. They are looking for Markets outside of
Asia to sell their yards of polyester and silk clothes and to finally
move up the cusp of economic world domination. 

Africa is very
easy to crack; after years of mismanagement neglect, corruption and
diseases the continent represents a lifeline for China. America is
distracted and has taken off her eyes from China. At a time when the US
is economically and diplomatically weakened by years of war in Eastern
Europe and now the Middle East, the "Ming dynasty" is steadily but
forcefully stepping in and reinforcing its position.

China, the new Barracuda is swaddling in its own megalomania and is
on a quest for world domination in order to survive, as well as compete
with America – The reason why the Chinese dislodged trillions of US
Dollars recently, in a bid to strangle the US economy at a time when
America seemed very vulnerable financially. China has slyly muscled her
way in; taking advantage of the chaos that terrorism is causing the
traditional West. China officially overtook Germany as fourth largest
economy this week if I'm not mistaken.

Why I particularly decry
this Chinese encroachment is because China is notoriously for not being
accountable and they care not for social wellbeing. In Cameroon, for
example, it is stupid to continue building hospitals and schools in
Yaounde and Douala which have two of the best hospitals already in the
country. What of the North? What of the East? What of the West? As long
as they are able to satisfy the people who matter, they couldn't care
less about the rest of the country. The Chinese have the money to go to
the best residential areas and buy the choicest lands, and convert it
into a Mecca for Chinese migrants. Another Uganda Situation, South
African apartheid in the making. 

The Chinese conquistadors
have looked 50 years down the line and spotted a fatal loophole that
Africans are unable or unwilling to see. How can we stop them? Already,
we've sold our souls in unilateral trade agreements for China to gorge

Can Africa ever unfetter herself from foreign
exploiters? Can Africa really extract itself from this perpetual
culture of dependency without  disambuiguation?


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