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Human Trafficking: United States Vs. Theresa Mubang June 17, 2009

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In November 2004, a federal jury in Greenbelt, Maryland,convicted
Theresa Mubang of holding Evelyn Chumbow, a young woman originally from
Cameroon, West Africa, in involuntary servitude and of harboring her
for commercial gain. The evidence revealed that Mubang had convinced
Chum-bow’s relatives to send the eleven-year old Chumbow from Cameroon
to the United States with Mubang. Mubang assured Chumbow’s family that
she would care for Chumbow as her own daughter, sending her to American
schools and giving her the opportunities of an American life.

once they arrived in the United States, Mubang forced Chumbow to cook,
clean, and care for Mubang’s two young children twenty-four hours a
day, seven days a week. Mubang forced Chumbow to perform these duties
by cutting Chumbow off from family and friends and by mentally and
physically abusing the young Chumbow, beating with her fists,
high-heeled shoes, cable cords, and metal broom handles. Almost two
years after arriving in the United States, Chumbow escaped Mubang’s
home when Mubang was out of town.

In an exhaustive investigation
that eventually led them to Cameroon, federal ICE investigators learned
that Chumbow was not the only victim of Mubang’s scheme to secure free
labor. Before Chumbow arrived in the United States, Mubang lured
ten-year old Cecilia Nkolo to the United States under the same guise.
Once neighbors informed local authorities that the precocious Nkolo was
staying home from school to care for a young child, Mubang shipped
Nkolo back to Cameroon,later replacing her with the more reserved
Chumbow. After Chumbow ran away, Mubang smuggled in another young woman
from Cameroon to take over the work, until she, too, ran away.

Mubang’s conviction, the district judge -over the government’s
objection — released Mubang to home detention pending sentencing.
Shortly before sentencing, however, Mubang escaped and fled the United
States, leaving her two children in the care of her mentally
handicapped brother. Mubang was then sentenced in absentia to seventeen
and half years of prison and ordered to pay the now 18-year-old Chumbow
$100,000 in restitution. Soon after Mubang’s escape, federal
investigators learned that she had returned to her hometown of Bamenda,
Cameroon. In a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Justice,
U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Department of State investigators,
Cameroonian members of Interpol,and Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) special agents, Mubang was arrested in Bamenda in the early
morning hours of May 26, 2005. She was expelled from Cameroon and flown
back to the United States on May 28, 2005 to begin serving her lengthy
prison term.

Additionally, prior to the involuntary servitude
trial, Mubang had spent time in prison for committing the largest
Medicare fraud scam in the state of Virginia. By fleeing the United
States, Mubang violated the terms of her supervised release for that
prior crime. When she was returned to the United States, Mubang was
sentenced in the Eastern District of Virginia to an additional six
months imprisonment, thereby receiving a total prison sentence of
eighteen years.


4 Responses to “Human Trafficking: United States Vs. Theresa Mubang”

  1. majun sahu Says:


  2. LoLo Hunter Says:

    Sad story especially when I myself was incarcerated with this awful human being she need help mentally,I feel so sorry for those ladies that this has happened to,Mubang is now in prison playing a catholic christian but will snap at the drop of a hat,still controlling and manipulating everything around her she deserved a life sentence!!!!!

    • lorraine Says:

      I too was in prison with mubang,and was her roomate for several years.i do not consider my self an expert on life nore the judge or jury of anyones life. God said love your neighbor as you would love yourself, and to not judge other for the same ruler you use, will be use unto you.One can never really know what the story is or ,was on anyone eles situation. as I ‘m sure if you or anyone you know has been between a rock and a hard place and that covers all kind of %%$#@$%.and your charged with this, or that one of the first things we…… all say is BUT IT REALLY WENT LIKE THIS OR THAT AND THIS AND THAT cut the crap.AMERICA, if we would each work out are own salvation,walk your own journey of life, I could imagine there would be LITTLE TO NO, room for all this haterieismmmmmm,fall back world, and keep the focus on you and your stuff. Oh weather a fake christian,catholic moorman or what ever, starte somewhere your self
      get in this good fight of faith down here on earth while side bustin on areas in which you know nothing WHAT SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP HAVE YOU CONFESSED YOUR SINS FOR SURLY THEY ARE MANY…..HER OLD ROOMATE L.B–055 LAST 3 GOD BLESS.


    I read in an article posted UPSTATION that Theresa Mubang’s brother, John Mubang, is in the in court for a medical scams and related misdeamenors. Isn’t it true that a rabbit can never give birth to kids with short ears? Poor Pa Mubang! What has he done to deserve all this? ONLY HE CAN ANSWER this intriguing question. Dr. Peter Vakunta.

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