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Water and Energy: Spain to Support Cameroon June 15, 2009

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Jean Bernard Sindeu on Friday June 12 examined the initiative with the
Spanish Ambassador to Cameroon, Arturo Spiegelberg de Ortueta.

The Kingdom of Spain has pledged to support the government of Cameroon
in the extension of water and energy resources to the frontier zones.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Cameroon, Arturo
Spiegelberg de Ortueta, made the disclosure during an audience granted
him by the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Jean Bernard Sindeu
on Friday June 12.

Speaking to the press after the audience, the Spanish diplomat said the
project falls in line with Plan AFRICA; a programme of exportation of
infrastructure funded by the Development Aid Plan of the government of
Spain. The initiative, he said, was at the center of his discussion
with the minister during the audience. He stressed that Cameroon is one
of the priority countries to benefit from the project. The aid, he
added, will be in form of gifts in the domains of environment, water
and energy.

He described Cameroon – Spain relations as cordial and hoped the project would reinforce the ties.

Jean Bernard Sindeu corroborated the diplomat and said there is
an ongoing electrification project in 26 localities in Cameroon’s
frontier zones with Nigeria funded by the Kingdom of Spain. The
Minister said they had proposed to the Spanish government a project on
the extension of water and energy to other disfavoured frontier zones
and that their wish was positively accepted by the Spanish Cooperation.
“We hope to concretize it in the shortest future”, he said. The
ministry, he disclosed, also wants to go in for other forms of energy
like solar among others.


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