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Rites of Passage (For the Cameroonian Youth) June 15, 2009

Filed under: Opinion Corner/Votre opinion — kikenileda @ 2:47 PM

Kangsen Feka Wakai

So we substitute imminent adversity
With fantasies of bread loafs and sardines
Sixty pushups in twenty-seven seconds
Inhale Buddha’s breadth
Through the rusty tunnels
Of Babel’s abandoned underground towers

Exhale the fumes of yesterday’s infernos
So we can soar above today’s slums
And glimpse into the vast void of tomorrow.
Buzzing like bees

We are vengeance for the one-eyed wizard
We are the empty pockets of our fathers
We are the dry tear ducts of our mothers
We fill the void in our brothers
We are the will of our sisters
Chaos is a rude reminder that we still matter
Your law and order is a façade
So we burn the effigies of criminalized exploitation
In fire we trust!
Insurrection: youthful rite of passage
These bullets know our names
These bullets recognize this face
We are the ghosts in the shadows
We are the diabolic apparitions beckoned by your snores


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