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National Employment Fund Trains «Bayam Sellams» June 13, 2009

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A two-day training workshop on business management and marketing
techniques rounded off yesterday June 11 at the Chambers of

The National Employment Fund has trained over 80 small-scale business
operators popularly known as “Bayam Sellams” on business techniques and
supported them with short-term refundable loans to the tune of 5
million FCFA.

The two-day training workshop focused among others on the professional
qualities of the “Bayam Sellams”, how they could settle disputes
between themselves, social organisation of their businesses and their
rights and obligations vis-à-vis public authorities.

Speaking yesterday during the closing ceremony, the director of the
Central Agency of the National Employment Fund, Jacques Ledoux Etonde
urged the trainees to put the knowledge acquired and the loans into
good use. He said good management of the loans would in no small way
boost their businesses, create employment for other Cameroonians and in
so doing permit them to live and let others live.

The director said the training and funding had to go hand in hand so as
to ensure that those who qualify to benefit from the funds are schooled
on how they could effectively use them. He stressed that they were
motivated to engage the second phase of the programme following the
success of the first phase last year. The National Employment Fund, he
said, gave loans to over 100 people last year who reacted promptly in
reimbursing the loan. He wished this year’s beneficiaries could do

The project, officials of the National Employment Fund said, is aimed
at boosting the “Bayam Sellams” sector which was originally for women
dealing in foodstuffs but which has evolved with time and is today a
source of employment for many in society.

Jacques Ledoux Etonde announced that they would in no distant future be
going to Nanga-Eboko, Obala, Ndikinimeki and Mbalmayo to work with over
700 farmers.


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