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Four Nigerian Gorilla Traffickers Arrested In Bafoussam June 13, 2009

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By Emmanuel Wambo

Officials of the Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife in the
West have arrested four Nigerians in possession of four gorillas.The
four Gorillas aged 5, 8, 10 and 18 years were intercepted at the Hausa
Quarters neighbourhood of Bafoussam on Monday 1 June 2009.
The four
men whose only names were got as Abdulahi, Ahmed, Idriss and Samaila
are said to have given an acquired permission to the Brigade officials
signed by the Nigerian Police stating that they were authorised to move
with the animals for social entertainment. The animals, according to
the document, can carry out acrobatic display, Kung Fu, shoro dance of
the Fulani and can interpret specific messages.

At the Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife, the gorillas were
allowed to display to prove their mission. The gorillas thrilled the
One of the four Nigerians told Eden that he has worked with the older gorilla for over four years.
said he has been to Douala, Bamenda, Chad, Germany and other countries
for the same purpose. He went on that the gorillas were handed to him
by his late father about 18 years ago.  He added that he uses the
gorillas for commercial purposes and they are fed with a traditional
concoction that makes them obey instructions.

Nevertheless, Abdulahi, the leader of the group wondered why they should be arrested in Cameroon.
of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife told the press that there were
no doubts that the animals are being used for social entertainment but
there was no authorisation from the Ministry of Forestry allowing them
to move with the animals.

The Nigerian permission which was
validated by an unknown police officer was not enough justification for
them to operate in Cameroon. They noted that if found guilty of
trafficking in protected wildlife species, the four men will be
punished according to the laws in force.
By press time, the Regional
Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife, Gisele Tsangue, was not available to
comment  on  the  fate  of  the four  men.


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