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Equatorial Guinea : Ambassador Explains Situation of Cameroonians June 13, 2009

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Lazare Mpouel Bala yesterday at a press conference clarified the public
about the recent repatriation of some Cameroonians from Equatorial

«The situation of Cameroonians in Equatorial Guinea is quite peaceful
as of now, there are no more Cameroonians waiting in the Consulate in
Bata nor in the Embassy in Malabo», Lazare Mpouel Bala said during a
press conference in Yaounde yesterday, June 11. He further added, «This
means that those who wanted to come back to Cameroon voluntarily have
done so while those who decided to stay there have gone back to their


The press conference was to clarify the public on the situation of
Cameroonians living in Equatorial Guinea. Many Cameroonians have in the
past years been repatriated from the country somehow straining
relations. Lazare Mpouel Bala explained that on May 12, 2009, the
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Equatorial Guinea invited all the heads
of the diplomatic missions in the country to help the government in the
voluntary repatriation of people without the regular resident
documents. He said with the announcement and another message of massive
arrests, 928 Cameroonians without the normal resident documents
registered in the Consulate in Bata for voluntary repatriation. Only
309 of them actually came back to Cameroon mostly using their own means
and the remaining ones went back to where they were. Cameroonians who
voluntarily came back home were escorted to the border by the police
and some workers of the Consulate. Some of them left with their

The voluntary repatriation concerns only Cameroonians who do not have
regular resident papers. Mr Mpouel Bala classified Cameroonians living
in Equatorial Guinea into those who have their resident papers, those
working in diplomatic and international organisations and many job
seekers who illegally enter the country through the bushes and sea and
their stay is not regular. Those with regular resident documents and
the ones working with international organisations, he said, have no
problem. « Cameroonians with regular resident papers and those with
diplomatic status joined us to celebrate the country’s national day on
May 20 both in Bata and Malabo», the Ambassador said.

Intervention of Embassy

Answering questions on what the Embassy was doing to rescue
Cameroonians, Mr Mpouel Bala stated that he has reached an agreement
with the authorities of Equatorial Guinea that files Cameroonians
submit either at the Embassy or Consulate seeking for resident papers
should be registered and necessary documents delivered to them. He
disclosed that at the Embassy in Malabo, diplomats have come up with an
organised structure that helps people obtain resident and other papers
to regularise their stay. The Embassy, he further said, was not only
helping Cameroonians renew and obtain their resident papers but was
also helping others in difficulties.

Future assurance

«At the summit, there is a political will to harmonise issues and that
will be expressed in the days ahead in the agreements that Cameroon
will negotiate and re-negotiate others within the framework of the
Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea Mixed Commission on bilateral cooperation,
Mr Mpouel Bala said. The Mixed Commission session will take place in
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea from 22-25 June 2009. Cameroonians at home he
said, «should think of Equatorial Guinea as a country that needs
technical, economic and other assistance but also as a country that
needs to ascertain its basis».

The Consul at the Cameroon Consulate in Bata, Equatorial Guinea,
Justin-Joel Abessolo was also present at the press conference in the
Ministry of External Relations.


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