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June 12, 2009

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A Random Rant (for Joe La Conscience and Lapiro de Mbanga)

Kangsen Feka Wakai

I relish the hypocrisy!  A man is sentenced in a hasty trial for having
an opinion.  Songs of opinion!  They retaliate.  Songs of
condemnation!  They retaliate!  Songs of protest!  They retaliate! 
Songs of peace!  They retaliate! 

An eleven-year-old boy is
shot point blank in front of his mother and siblings. His crime, his
artist father almost trekked a few kilometers to express his opinion
about an on-going political debate.  He didn’t actually make it all the
way because he was stopped by military authorities.  For that he is
prison today.   

100 youths are killed in a matter of days.  Someone’s signature is
forged.  An amendment is made.  Exonerate his sins. Thank you for the
bondage.  We demand more bondage.

This is a race between him,
Bongo, Nguema and Derby.  Who’ll last the longest?  Laugh out loud but
it’s sickening.  Two-headed monsters!   They are cold-hearted serpents
of devious origins. 

There are vacancies in the army.  Who
monitors our borders for shipments of weapons?  They [the ruling
tribalists] say they would cleanse Yaounde of the undesirables if
anyone dares challenge their man again and yet, Biya’s Cameroon is a
haven of peace. 

And for his sake our poets [Lapiro de Mbanga
and Joe la Conscience] are condemned for merely reciting the lyrics of
our collective aspirations. 

Those who claim to articulate the
voice of the voiceless [as they do in the case of Zimbabwe] should be
ashamed of their hypocrisy.  Yes, they should. 

There are two
artists languishing in Dantean dungeons today because of their stance
against the terror that has been unleashed on the Cameroonian masses by
their own government.  The terror is both covert and overt. The
violence is too.

None of these artists espouse violence of any
sort.  None of them are violent.  None of these artists represent a
tangible threat to a well-armed regime.  None of them are warlords. 
The authorities holding them know that but they also know that their
words represent the sentiments of the people.   

I relish the hypocrisy.  I relish the hypocrisy. I relish it.  But
we must continue to beat the drums until the forts of tyranny crumble.


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